Tube & Berger Interview

tube & berger


We chat to DJ duo Tube & Berger about the 10th anniversary of their record label, their upcoming European tour and their recent show at Brixton Electric.

Hi, how are you both?
We’re fine. We had long nights in the studio, so we we look a bit hungover…

Whereabouts in the world are you right now?
We’re on our way to Amsterdam where we’ll be playing at AIR with our friend Juliet Sikora. Amsterdam is always nice. People like to party and there is always a friendly vibe going on.

Your record label, Kittball Records is very successful and you’re celebrating the 10th anniversary. How does it feel to have started off as a duo and then moving on to creating your own label?
Well.. We had ups and downs. But the past few years were amazing. Beside working on the label hard and constantly, we think we are a strong team. Kittball would never work like it does without Juliet and Paco. The main reason for our so called success is friendship. We love and respect one another and we share the dream of having our own cool little record label.

What made you want to set up your own label?
We wanted to be free, not being dominated by some major label A&R guy who wants to make fast money. Having your own record label is probably every musician’s dream. But we struggled a lot in the beginning. Especially when vinyl didn’t sell anymore we were about to give up the label.

How does it feel to have collaborated/produced with the likes of Milan Euringer, Jerome Robbins and Kolombo?
We love collaborating with other artists and those 3 gentlemen mentioned above are 3 fantastic lads. At the moment we’re working on a tune with the UK based singer Judge and for our album we have some more great artists on board. But that’s totally top secret!

What are you most looking forward to on your European tour?
As Europeans we love Europe and it’s different places and faces. Meeting cool people you haven’t seen for a while is probably one of the funniest things about touring. There are a few people out there we can’t wait to see again…

Your career has taken you to some amazing destinations, where would you say is the most memorable or special and why?
That is a tough question. We realised that it’s not about THE one, perfect spot on earth it’s more about the whole journey. Playing on a beach party in Dubai and flying to freezing Finland the next day is a bit crazy but you never know what happens and we remember both nights as very good. There is no winner…

Where would you say is the biggest party city in the world?
Again a tough one. Ok.. It’s not a city. It’s a land called Tomorrowland. Just kidding. As Germans we think about naming Berlin as the capital of party cities but now, after our Deeper Sessions night in London last week we are confused. Again there is now winner because Paris, Barcelona, New York and even Wuppertal are very cool party cities.

You just played at Brixton Electric, what do you think of the London scene?
We were so happy with how everything went down last Saturday. Selling out Electric Brixton and having this “concert like” atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Playing in London is always dope and we already had some wicked nights at Lightbox, Fire and Qube but hosting our own night at Electric Brixton was something different.

Following the success of ‘Set it Off’ last year with Juliet Sikora, will there be any more collaborations on your new album?
As mentioned above we can’t really talk about that at the moment. The track with Judge is just magic and we can’t wait to finish and drop it in the near future. We will definitely have another collaboration with Juliet on the album. That’s for sure…

When producing albums in the studio, are there any rituals that you do to get you in the right frame of mind?
Drinking and smoking back in the days. Nowadays we focus on jamming and playing instruments more and more. Electronic music needs to be synthetic and sampled but we try to bring in even more organic warmth. So jam sessions are our new ritual.

You just held your Deeper Sessions showcase at Brixton Electric , what were your highlights from the show?
The live part with PAJI was the highlight for us. We didn’t have too much time to practice and again it was like a jam session from time to time. It looked like people had big fun and so we did too. On the 10 years Kittball tour we will try the “band thing” (how we call it) a few more times.

Thanks guys!