Unique Experiences to Try in Australia

Unique Experiences to Try in Australia

Australia is a vast country with loads of things to see and do, but generally, tourists stick to the same locations. Don’t end up with an Instagram full of pictures of places people have seen before you. Here are some unique experiences that can make your stay so much more special. 

Dine aboard a tram in Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for its beautiful trams, but don’t just use them to go from A to B. You can dine onboard a historic tram while taking a tour of the city that includes sites such as:

  • The harbour
  • Flinders Street
  • The Victorian Immigration Museum
  • Bourke Street

You’ll see many of the city’s most popular sites among the tram route, while being served dinner, and can always go back and see the sites in detail.

Go whale watching off the coast of NSW

One of the most popular things to do off the coast of NSW is to see some of the amazing wildlife. One of the best experiences you can book in the area is whale watching in Narooma, where you’ll be taken on a tour to see these gentle giants. Depending on the time of year, you may see multiple whales, and sometimes, these curious animals will swim alongside your boat! Whale watching is one of those experiences you won’t forget.

Fly over The Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland

Queensland’s Hinterland is one of the most beautiful and unique areas of Australia. Along the Sunshine Coast, it features green mountains and waterfalls, plus beautiful beaches. It’s hugely popular with tourists who come to hike and camp, but there are ways to get a unique perspective on the area. Hot air balloon flights are perhaps one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the Hinterland, especially if you book for sunrise or sunset, and allow you to take in the natural beauty from hundreds of feet in the air.

When you read travel guides for Australia, you may feel like you’ve seen it all already. After all, there are certain experiences everyone does, such as visiting the Sydney Opera House, or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. However, Australia is a massive country, with plenty of unique experiences for you to enjoy. Whether you’re going for a short break or an epic cross-country adventure, there are lots of things to see and do. Consider looking some unique experiences off the beaten track and experience the country your own way.