How to Get a Travel Exemption to Leave Australia

How to Get a Travel Exemption to Leave Australia

Australia has restricted international travel. No Australian citizen or permanent resident can leave Australia without an exemption to travel or travel to an area exempt from the travel restriction. You can apply online for travel exemptions. Citizens of other countries are free to leave Australia whenever they choose.

There are several requirements that you should meet to get a travel exemption. 

Do You Need a Travel Exemption to Leave New South Wales?

The international travel restriction is also true for the State of New South Wales. If you return to New South Wales, you must spend 14 days in quarantine before moving to another Australian territory.

Do You Need a Travel Exemption to Leave Queensland? 

It is very improbable that you will be granted an exception unless your situation is deemed exceedingly exceptional—which occurs in a very small number of cases. You may be granted an exception to enter Queensland only under the most urgent of situations. However, you’ll still have to fly in and spend 14 days in quarantine at a hotel.

Do I Need a Travel Exemption to Enter the Northern Northern Territory?

For all individuals eligible to enter the Northern Territory from a declared interstate hotspot or from abroad, the Chief Health Officer has set a 14-day mandatory quarantine period.

Do I Need a Travel Exemption to Leave Western Australia?

Yes, you need the travel exemption to leave Western Australia. If you’re coming from outside Australia, you’ll have to get permission from the Australian government before you may enter Western Australia.

Do You Need a Travel Exemption to Leave South Australia?

COVID-19 limitations prevent Australian citizens and permanent residents from leaving the country unless they obtain an exemption for travel to other countries. This applies to South Australia, too. To enter South Australia from another country, you must complete the SAPOL website’s Cross Border Travel Registration form.

You Need a Travel Exemption to Leave Victoria

Getting permission to leave Vic is a must. When returning, you must provide identification to authorities upon request and adhere to all public health regulations in Victoria.

Travel Exemption to Leave the Australian Capital Territory

Residents are prohibited from traveling outside of the ACT, except for New Zealand, and a travel exemption is needed for urgent international travel. Entry to the ACT from outside the country is restricted to Australian citizens, residents, and close family members. Those individuals are confined for 14 days after they arrive in government-designated accommodation.

Travel Exemption to Leave Tasmania

You need a travel exemption to leave Tasmania. Those traveling to Tasmania and returning residents must submit their contact and travel information before entering the State to reduce the chance of coming into touch with COVID-19 at the State’s border crossing points.