Vitalic’s New Album And Earthcore Dates

Vitalic is one of France’s most enduring electronic music exports. When he dropped his debut LP ‘Ok Cowboy’ back in 2005 it caused a massive stir on the international scene, in particular ‘La Rock 01′ went on to become an underground anthem. Is it techno? Is it disco? Is it electro? It was all those things plus more. Now he is back with a new album and Australian tour, and we caught up with the producer on the eve of his dates for the earthcore festival…


Hello, thanks for taking the time to chat with BBM! How are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I am very good. I am back from my irst crop of shows. The response was excellent and that is very rewarding!  

Your music blends electro, techno and house with elements of classical, rock, disco and ’70s electronic music. Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating music?
I draw my inspiration from anything. From movies, music, some people I meet, some sensations i feel, love, hate, disappointment and hope in the future…

Since your last album Rave Age, dance music has become even more prominent all over the world – are there any areas that you think are untapped by the genre and places you’d like to visit to bring light to music lovers?
I think electronic music is very big and everywhere in the world. In France, techno became really huge and new clubs and new festivals pop up every month. I suppose that North Korea is still untapped by electro and i’d like to check that by myself, but there is little chance that would happen some time soon!

You collaborate with a variety of artists for the album such as Sexy Sushi and Mickael Karkousse. How do you decide who to work with, what do you look for?
When we meet together in a studio, I look for skills that i don’t have, such as singing. I met them while touring and i love their work. So I naturally ask them to do something together.

Your new album ‘Voyager’ was just released and it is inspired by artists like Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone and Patrick Cowley.  Have you always listened to disco or is this a new musical phase for you?
I was always into disco, and even when i was making hard stuff, there was some strong disco flavor. People usually make jokes about my vision of disco, which is very large. But its the way i see it.

What track from the new album would you say encapsulates these influences the best and why?
I think ‘Levitate’ is the one to sum up the whole thing. Its dance music, with energy and melodies. But there is something really kinky in it that take it somewhere beyond.

With each collaboration have you found it’s helped you grow as an artist, and what are the big things you’ve learned from the process?
 I think i learnt a lot to give space to somebody else and let this person get into my music. I am mostly alone when making music and i go through the long process of the album by myself. In a way it wasn’t so natural for me to involve someone else. But i am more relax about that now.

You also announced a new LIVE show to go with the album. What does the shows consists off and will we see this on your upcoming Australian tour?
The show consists of me on stage with synthesisers. The scenography is based on moving elements on top of the stage but also all around me. I hope it will be possible to perform it in Australia but this is an heavy production. Fingers crossed.

You’re no stranger to the festival scene and you’ve been announced as one of the artists performing at earthcore in Australia. Would that be your first time there? And what have you heard about it?
I have never performed at earthcore and it seems to be something! But i toured a lot in Australia, being on the line up twice of Big Day Out for example. It was a fantastic experience, something very intense that i experienced only there.

How do Australians compare to the rest of the world, do we know how to party?
Yes i do think that Australians are good party people. It’s quite well known here in France by the way.

Out of everywhere you’ve performed, and with all the massive crowds, have there ever been moments where things have gotten too crazy, or do you thrive off that?
There have been crazy moments indeed, like the crowd invading the stage, or climbing the stucture of the tent, or pushing the stage backwards. But i enjoy crazy moments and unless nobody’s security in at stake i’am ok.

Thanks again for the chat, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
On the French motorways we have this message on the screens: ‘don”t play (pokemon go) while driving’. i think its a good idea.

EARTHCORE 2016 – Parallel Universe
24-28 November
Pyalong, Victoria
60+ acts
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Earthcore in the Park – Sydney
Sat 26 Nov
Western Sydney Parklands
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Earthcore in the Park – Perth
Sun Nov 27
Belvoir Amphitheatre
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