W&WW&W a.k.a Willem and Wardt will be returning to Australia for Creamfields 2012. TheTrance duo from the Netherlands burst onto the scene in 2007 and have since travelled the world spreading their noise producing and Dj-ing. Their first hit ‘Mustang’ was a huge success launching them into the trance scene. ‘Mustang’ was picked up by DJ’s such as Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and Markus Schulz, thus giving W&W an approving nod.
Here we catch up with Willem and Wardt ahead of Creamfields to find out a little bit more about what makes up W&W.


Hi Willem, Wardt. How are you both? What have you been up to today?
We’re great thank you! It’s still early so haven’t done too much today yet, but we’re about to start recording our weekly radio show.

So, your track ‘Invasion’ was recently voted the anthem for ‘A State of Trance 550′ album, how did that feel?
It feels amazing! We have always been listening to the A State Of Trance radio show and when we played there for the first time 2 years ago it already felt like a dream come true. Imagine how it feels right now, having the official anthem for this massive worldwide event!

What have you guys been working on recently? Got any new tracks in the pipeline?
We have never been as productive as we are right now actually. We have so much new music coming up that it’s hard to keep track of everything. Besides a lot of originals, we recently shared the studio with a lot of great producers so there are some fancy collaborations on the way too!

How and why did you both first get into Trance music?
In The Netherlands the radio stations always played trance music, so we kind of grew up with it. Maybe it’s because there are so many great DJ’s from here. We started listening to it more and more until the point where we started DJ’ing and producing ourselves.

How does it feel to be playing Creamfields Australia in April? Is it your first trip to Oz?
We’ve actually been to Australia before. We did a club tour last year May. We’re happy to be doing the Creamfields tour this time as we haven’t seen the Aussie festival crowd yet!

What do you think about the state of modern Trance – has the genre had its heyday?
Trance is constantly evolving. We can all notice that the genres are growing more and more towards each other. We think it’s a good thing because it allows producers to combine the best from all genres.

What do you think sets you guys apart from everyone else in the trance world? Why do you think Armin van Buuren named you as ‘the rising stars of trance’ back in 2010?
We think it’s because we have our own style. We try to produce and DJ in our own way.

Which do you think is your standout track and why?
Probably ‘Impact’. The tune did very well and every time we play it, the crowd goes crazy!

Who listens to W&W? In which country have you had the best reception?
Fortunately we have listeners all over the world, but some of our better regions are Argentina, Canada and Eastern Europe.

If you could go back in time and play any gig at any venue in history, which one would it be?
Probably A State Of Trance 550 in Buenos Aires, that gig was unbelievable! 20,000 people all going crazy on a big football field is something you will never forget.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Still doing what we love; make music and share it with as much people as possible.

Finally, if you both only had a day to live, what would you do?
Willem: Besides trying to spend that day with friends and family, I will try to write a piece of music that won’t be forgotten.
Ward: I have something with high buildings so I would love to go up to the highest floor in the world’s highest tower in Dubai.

W&W Tour Dates:

Fri Apr 27 Adelaide – Planet Cream, Adelaide Ent Centre (8pm – 4am)
Sat Apr 28 Melbourne – Creamfields, Melbourne Showgrounds (12pm -10pm) ?
Sun Apr 29 Sydney – Creamfields, EQ – Showring, Coachbay & Hi-Fi (12pm – 10pm) ?
Sat May 5 Perth – Creamfields, Supreme Court Gardens* (12pm – 10pm) Sun May 6 (Long Weekend) Gold Coast – Creamfields, Parklands Gold Coast (12pm – 10pm)

By Rebecca Jones

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