How To Prepare For An Outback Tour

Outback tours

Planning a trip to the Outback? Seasoned traveller, Gemma Glover gives us her rundown of how to prepare for your trip.

The “outback”, features in every state, and is the colloquial term for the vast, unpopulated and mainly arid areas of Australia’s interior and remote coasts. It’s every adventurer’s haven with spectacular gorges, rugged mountain ranges, sprawling cattle stations, deep-rooted indigenous culture, isolated communities and the world’s longest stretch of straight railway track!

If you’re planning your Australian Outback Adventure and have either carefully picked out your route, or have booked on an outback adventure tour, then you’re halfway there. However, you don’t want to literally be in the middle of nowhere without your essentials. Whether your Outback experience is on Uluru to Cairns Tours or just Uluru Tours , any of these Outback Tours need to be met with good preparation.

It’s far too easy to over pack when taking any excursion. Having “been there and done that” we know all too well! You must also consider the season in which you are heading on your trip. Yes, Australia is known for its sunny climate, but don’t be fooled when you’re in the middle of the outback, things can be a little different!

From May through to September temperatures in the Outback frequently get below zero, so make sure you’re prepared with some thermals, waterproofs, decent hiking boots, thick socks and of course some practical jeans.

When it comes to practicality it’s also advisable to make sure you’ve got a water bottle or two, head torch, pocket pen knife, camera, phone and portable charger!

You also want to consider how long you’re going into the outback for, and what amenities you may be without, so pack accordingly with a couple of spare t-shirts and undies, but remember, this is certainly not a fashion parade. Don’t spend too much time worrying about how you look otherwise you’ll miss the epicness of the outback in all its vast glory.

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