Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Zac EfronWhile other teen hearthrobs disappear to the “Where are They Now?” file, Zac Efron has managed to keep his career going while maintaining his legion of screaming female fans.

Don’t worry though, his latest film – Charlie St. Cloud – is for everybody, and BEN HARLUM caught up with Zac to discuss.

How do you approach a film like Charlie St. Cloud which is based on a novel?
Well I actually read the script first so I knew it was already in a good place. After that, Burr [Steers, director] took hold of it, chipped away at it, made a few changes and it became a great script.

You mentioned Burr, was it good to have a continuity there since he also directed you in 17 Again?
Well we didn’t have to start from scratch, you know what I mean? After working with Burr on 17 Again, I trusted him to be the guy who could really get me. I respect him and everything that he’s taught me.

You clearly learnt how to hold your breath for long periods of time while filming, is sailing and those type of adventure sports something you’re keen on?
Yeah! I’m a certified scuba diver and I’ve been on eighteen… or twenty dives, something like that.

How do you handle the industrial deafness that must come with the plethora of screaming girls that follow you?
You know what? You’ve gotta focus on one girl at a time because you get a bit overwhelmed if you try and focus on the mass, so I try to make it about the individual – who took the time to come out and see me.

How did you bond with the real life Charlie [Tahan], who plays your on-screen brother?
It was super easy, to be honest, we didn’t have to try much at all. He was naturally talented, he’s a great young actor and we hit it off almost immediately. Luckily, we didn’t have to put in too much hard work, [laughs].

You’ve a triple threat – actor, singer, dancer. Which do you prefer?
Aw, shoot man! Singing and dancing are fun and come naturally to me, whereas acting that’s been the hardest. That’s why I enjoy it most, because it’s a challenge.

You always get the girl, whether they’re alive, dead or a ghost, what is your secret?
What’s my secret? The beard.

Charlie St. Cloud is in cinemas right now.