5 Tips for Foreign Students to Assimilate in Australia

Tips for Foreign Students to Assimilate in Australia

Moving to another country can be quite challenging. There are many variables that you have to consider, including language difficulties and cultural differences, as well as other life shifts. With the global technological advancement occurring today, an increasing number of students are traveling abroad to study and explore other cities around the world. Many American citizens will choose to travel to Australia, where education is less expensive but high-quality. If you are on the verge of facing a cultural shock, you are in the right place, because this is exactly what this article will discuss. Let’s look at the best tips for foreign students to immerse in Australian culture. 

1. Understand Assimilation

The first thing you must do is understand what assimilation is. When I refer to assimilation, I am talking about the coping mechanisms that you will develop to face cultural shock. This is a common thing that happens, but you have to ensure that you understand its stages and are able to observe it before anything else. The first stage is called the Honeymoon stage, when everything is perfect and runs smoothly – here, you will get excited about academics, develop problem-free thinking, and become absorbed by all the novelties in your life. Even if, for some, this stage might last forever (usually for those accustomed to constant travels), students will usually enter the next stage immediately after – that is, the Disintegration stage

This stage usually comprises of homesickness and in some parts, loneliness, emotions that can eventually lead to frustration. Worst come to worst, students will become isolated and perform poorly, but that does not have to be the case; usually, they will enter the third and last stage of this assimilation process called Reintegration. Here, they will adapt to the environment and find ways to cope with the new setting as smoothly as possible. 

2. Keep a Very Open Mind!

Now that you have an understanding of the stages of assimilation, it’s time to open your mind to new possibilities. To understand another culture and fully immerse yourself in it, there is no other way to do this but with an open attitude and much respect towards your peers. So, embrace everything that comes your way in the best way you can. Understand the changes that you’re undergoing, embrace the friendly hangouts with people from around the world, and just be. If you find yourself a bit lost and not able to focus as well as before, try meditation at least 10-12 minutes per day. Research has shown that meditation can boost productivity and focus, which will help you incredibly much with your integration process. 

3. Join as Many Groups as Possible

Another thing you want to do is join clubs! In the end, how else are you going to meet new people and even get offered a chance to immerse yourself in this new culture? You must get out of your comfort zone and go meet people. Some cultures might be harder to immerse in, but as long as you keep an open attitude and curiosity towards the new environment, you should have no issues assimilating. Australian culture is pretty open, so you’ll have no problem communicating or requesting EduBirdie in your language, if help is needed while you are getting a degree or attending any additional lessons. 

4. Have a Daily Routine

It’s good to have a daily schedule to stick with – that’s because this will enable you to be organized and find time for other activities. Studying in Australia might be demanding and exhausting but if you organize well, you will find time for other activities. Sit down each day and ponder on how you are doing. How are you progressing? How do you feel? If it feels good to keep a journal, then do it. Observe the situations that you find yourself in and write down your emotions attached to it. Then, write down how you think to solve this issue. Keep track of your progress – when you’ll look back, you’ll be proud, you’ll see.

5. Have Some Fun!

Last but not least, let go of expectations and have some fun while you’re abroad! Australia is an extraordinary country to visit with lots of possibilities, so take advantage of this opportunity that’s being offered to you. Have some good fun while you are in this country. You should island hop on your private yacht (it’s a common activity in Australia, I promise), ride a train across the continent, take foodie road trips, cruise the Kimberley, ride amazing rollercoasters and water slides, and enjoy a warm breakfast by the beach at the Margaret River. 


Understanding assimilation is important – so once you’ve done that, make sure you have fun! Join some clubs, explore the country, immerse in the language, and last but not least, keep an open mind; it will bring you lot further than you think. Good luck on your experiences and wonderful travels!

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Emma Rundle is a writer, journalist, and freelancer. Her major interest is helping disabled children learn how to play music. Emma’s life goal is to volunteer and write for a famous American magazine.