Pass Your CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Using Exam Dumps and Improve Your Career

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Professionals working in the IT industry understand the importance of possessing the latest knowledge and skills which are applicable to their job roles. Since changes in modern technologies are always bound to come, specialists who don’t update their skills risk being irrelevant which greatly reduces their value. One of the world’s top associations that offer IT certifications is CompTIA. It provides credentials that are grouped into the following four areas: core, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and additional professional.

How To Pass Your CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Using Exam Using Dumps

Core certifications are designed to set up the foundational skills required to build a successful career in IT. One of them is the CompTIA Security+ A+ 220-1001 badge. It is globally recognized and validates individual vendor-neutral skills for performing core security functions. Candidates seeking to start or build a career as network administrators, systems administrators, security administrators, security specialists or consultants, or security engineers will find this credential very helpful. Obtaining the CompTIA Security+ certification involves taking the CompTIA SY0-501 exam which is further discussed below.

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Overview

This exam’s candidates are encouraged to have at least two years of experience in IT with a focus on security and have the CompTIA Network+ certification as well. This exam adopts a performance-based approach in its assessment in addition to multiple-choice questions. The exam can be taken by candidates at a fee of $339.

CompTIA SY0-501 validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in:

  • installing and configuring systems to secure devices, networks, and applications;
  • performing threat analysis and applying appropriate mitigation measures;
  • and operating within the applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

The exam contains 90 questions that are tested within a duration of 90 minutes. It is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese and has a passing score of 750, measured on a scale of 100 – 900.

CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Preparation

Candidates who are accepted to take this exam have a wide range of preparation options for the test. Here are a few of them:

Instructor-led training

CompTIA supports various programs for instructor-led learning through their authorized training partners. Candidates can choose between studying in a classroom and having a live online tutoring. Candidates can register for the training as individuals or as a team. Instructor-led preparation enables candidates to learn and get first-hand help from experienced exam experts. The interactions may help to get useful exam tips and clear out the doubts. 

eLearning and Interactive Labs

eLearning allows the candidates to conveniently prepare for their exam at any time, wherever they are. It contains videos, performance-based questions, flashcards and an additional practice test to help candidates track their progress. On the other hand, interactive labs support a virtual environment that allows candidates to have hands-on practice of their skills.

Exam Dumps

One of the top and most effective options is that of using valid exam dumps. But a candidate should be careful when choosing the source of the dumps since not all of them offer actual materials. In fact, there are only a few reputable sources for dumps, and among the sources, one can trust there is the PrepAway website. From this site, candidates can obtain valid dumps for SY0-501 test which will help to succeed in their exam easily. Their practice tests are uploaded by recent test-takers which means that they are the most valid and updated; premium files are verified by IT experts- which guarantees their top quality. So, having these actual questions and answers you’ll be completely familiar with the exam objectives, will see your progress and what information needs your particular attention.

The exam dumps from PrepAway are provided as free and paid (Premium) ete files. You can open them in the ETE Exam Simulator which simulates the real exam environment. Now you can buy the SY0-501 Premium Bundle with a premium file, a training course, and a study guide for $39,99.

Now, let’s see how taking SY0-501 can contribute to your professional life.

Benefits of Passing the CompTIA SY0-501 Exam to Your Career

Greater career opportunities

Passing SY0-501 exam leads to the CompTIA Security+ certification which will unlock new career positions for you. Further, having this badge places you in a better position for a promotion at your workplace. In addition, being the owner of this credential, you will be more visible to employers and there are high chances that you will find a new job faster than you expected!

Better salary

Passing your CompTIA exam will be your best advocate for an improved salary. By committing yourself to pass this test, you show your employer that you are determined to get better and that you have actually added value to your skills. According to statistics on the PayScale website, with Security+ credential, you can earn annually about $73,000. Indeed, you’ll get a better salary than your peers who have not attained this badge.

Increased productivity

When preparing for SY0-501 exam, you will gain useful up to date cybersecurity skills that will help you increase your efficiency at the workplace. This will increase your productivity, and make you a valuable asset at your organization.

Professional respect

When you complete the requirements for the CompTIA Security+ certification, you prove that you are knowledgeable and your skills are world-class. This will earn you respect and honor at your workplace, which puts you in a better position for growth since you will be entrusted with leadership roles more frequently.

Maintaining Your CompTIA Security+ Certification

As was already mentioned, IT is a highly dynamic field that encounters continuous changes in its technologies as time goes by. In order to help you keep your skills up to date, the CompTIA Security+ credential is valid for three years, after which it expires. 

However, candidates can maintain the validity of their credentials through various renewal methods. One of them involves the CompTIA CE (Continuing Education) program which means completing 50 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) before the elapse of the three-year validity period. Another method implies obtaining higher CompTIA certifications which will automatically extend the validity of your CompTIA Security+ certification.


As a prerequisite for the Security+ certification, the CompTIA SY0-501 exam plays an important role in the project of your future career. We have already mentioned some of the benefits it will bring to your career and provided you with the general features of this credential and its required assessment. 

In order to help you pass this exam without difficulties, we would like to reiterate the importance of using exam dumps from PrepAway. Their up to date materials will be useful if you want to succeed in this test and consequently improve your career. So, what you need to do is to register for SY0-501, focus your efforts on preparation, earn the credential, and start a new part of your career journey!

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