A Road Trip in Western Australia

A Road Trip In Western Australia


Intrepid Travel adventure travel consultant Louise Burton tells us about her awesome experiences as she embarked on a road trip in Western Australia.


Western Australia is one of those places which seems larger than life, where you begin to feel small against the sheer scale of nature.

A 10-day road trip from Perth to Broome will bring you face to face with the region’s unique landscapes and fascinating culture.  Although some mornings start at 5:30am, you won’t have any trouble getting out of bed.

A Road Trip In Western Australia
Early morning landscapes

From land, to ocean, there are lots of unique experiences to be had in Western Australia, as I found out on a recent trip down under. We had some incredible experiences on our trip; from swimming with nature’s gentle giant – the whale shark – to sand boarding down huge dunes, and rubbing shoulders with the locals around the campfire, on an overnight in a remote cattle station.

A highlight was snorkeling with manta rays and turtles in the turquoise water on the Ningaloo reef. We were lucky enough to have a front row seat for whale watching in our kayaks, as humpback whales swam just meters away beyond the reef’s edge, spritzing the surface of the ocean through their blow-holes.

Getting back onto dry land, another real highlight of our trip in WA took us to Karijini National park where we loved scaling the sheer gorges with one man and his passion for the wilderness. With an apt name, Pete West of West Oz Adventures took us repelling, tubing, abseiling, and free climbing into the most remote gorges of Karijini NP.

We saw the oldest exposed rock on planet earth, ate lunch deep in a remote gorge beside a crystal clear lake, where the sun peeked through the rock to keep us warm in the cool afternoon. Perhaps the most exciting part was being taken to a place where very few people get to go as we explored the restricted zone of Karijini (as well as becoming Canyoneers for the day!). We enjoyed the simple moments here too, like sleeping in swags outside and staring into the starry sky to drift off to sleep, and jumping into the cold gorge pools which took our breath away – literally.

A Road Trip In Western Australia
A great travel experience with your mates

Far Far Away

Perhaps one of the most unique things is the remoteness; driving through scrub lands, sometimes on dirt tracks, and with the occasional sheep farm lining the road, you really do feel like the only people for miles around are you and your group (most of the time you really are!).

Of course there is the odd roadhouse to pick up snacks, a coffee, use the toilet, and grab some wine or beer to accompany the evening meal. It’s not until you rock up in the civilisation of Broome ten days later that you realise just how sparse the human population has been on your journey. All this adventure awaits, but sometimes just standing still, and soaking up the vistas that surround you, creates seriously humbling moments.


The Practicalities

Bunks, camping, cabins, getting stuck in with cooking and cleaning; there are practicalities of travelling overland to bear in mind. For adventure seekers, this is the kick they have been dreaming of; in fact all of the above is their idea of fun!

If you crave days filled with new experiences and places, with a group of likeminded people (you will definitely have a new BFF by the end!), and feel the force of nature as it surrounds you 360 degrees, you will not only relish this way of travelling, but will also fall in love with Western Australia.

A Road Trip In Western Australia
You’ll come across some stunning scenery

Contrary to stereotype, you can overland and stay clean – amazing right? Hot showers are available everywhere you overnight, usually in shared shower blocks. When camping in Karijini National Park, you have the option for a solar powered shower, but if you are travelling in the Winter season be prepared for a cold shower… or no shower.

Cooking fresh food every night is a real luxury on an over landing trip – your guide will plan menus so all you have to do is figure out if it’s your night to cook and clean, and take instruction from the master. And to accompany that meal? Well there’s nothing quite like drinking local Australian wine from a tin camping mug.


Be prepared for “mind blowing”, “epic”, and “amazing” to escape your mouth on a daily basis as you experience Australia’s unique rugged coastline.

On a group tour, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or navigating the roadside kangaroos, because your driver (who also doubles up as your informative travel guide) deals with this.

A Road Trip In Western Australia
Enjoy the WA’s great beaches

You just need to enjoy the ride, be open minded, occasionally offer your I-pod for in-truck entertainment, and have your camera at the ready, because you might not quite believe what your eyes saw the first time. After just ten days on the west side down under, you will be sure to feel alive.


Louise has just returned from three months travelling on Intrepid Travel trips around the world, after she was the lucky winner of a travel scholarship.

Intrepid Travel’s 10-day Perth to Broome starts from £985 per person, including accommodation, selected meals, transport and a local guide.



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