ALAE Share Their Roots & Their Secret Skills Ahead of Their New Release

ALAE Share Their Roots & Their Secret Skills


Kiwi indie pop quartet Alae issue the sultry new slow jam Please, their fourth official single and one of 7 tracks to be included on Lucy’s Mixtape, releasing 26 September. 

Please shows yet another musical side to Alae, who have infused their latest collection of singles with a heady blend of pop, served with a side order groove. Please places full focus on Alex Farrell-Davey’s vocals, which are underpinned by Marika Hodgeson on bass, Allister Davey on Keys and Jayden Lee on Drums.  Alex explains; “Please is about looking at your life, or current situation and putting things into perspective. Figuring out what you want and what YOU are willing to do to make that your reality.”

What is unique about the place you live, or is it famous for something?

I Live in Auckland NZ, but I’m originally from Blenheim or (Marlborough). Marlborough is famous for it’s world class vineyards and it’s world class bogans… It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Through lockdown, what has been your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

Lockdown weekends… You guys kept track of the days?

Have you visited any wicked local glamping or wild sites throughout lockdown?

I used to teach swimming and am getting back in to it after a bit of a hiatus.

What cheeky banger has been playing through your speakers on repeat for the last 6 months?

Honestly, I can’t get enough of Balu Brigada’s ‘Medicine’. It’s a god damn CHOON.

Favourite Friday night dinner at home or restaurant?

At home, all the way. Restaurants are like fish tanks observed by the wait staff.

What current projects are you working on?

Just trying to write up a storm for you lot!

ALAE Share Their Roots & Their Secret Skills

‘Lucy’s Mix Tape’ Track listing:

  1. Hit Me Where it Hurts
  2. Please
  3. Lucy
  4. Summer Thing
  5. Lucy (Nate Dousand Acapella)
  6. Hit Me Where it Hurts – (Lockdown)
  7. Please (Bailey Wiley Vocal Version)

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