Australian Insects To Find On Your Travels

Australian Insects To Find On Your Travels

Insects You May Come Across When Traveling Australia

Australian insects to find on your travels. Australia is world-famous for putting their travelers to wonders for reasons much more creepy than pleasant. And if you are among those savvy explorers who are planning to flock this place anytime soon, be ready to meet with the world’s scariest and largest insects here as you step on this continent. A place best-known for its Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and the Outback, now Australia is also an ideal place for feeling goosebumps, or even bites and stings while road tripping.

Hate bugs? This place could not be a better hell then. You would nearly meet here the planet’s weirdest, colossal and precisely speaking, the most sickening pests pouring all over you. Bet you never knew half of them even existed. However, it’s time to brave the nature’s gifts and look inside the lists of these ginormous creepers that are sure to welcome you on your visit to Australia.

1. Spiders

Australia is home to hundreds of thousands of the Spider species, in fact, the deadliest of them. But the good news is only two of these breeds are known to be too poisonous to cause death in humans. However, if you are the one with Arachnophobia, a single encounter with these furry monsters could ruin your stroll in the beautiful landscapes that Australia truly is.

Scared of the Orb-weavers or Tarantula? Pray not to meet the Huntsman then, Australia’s biggest spider, oh-so-harmless. But remember, even a single bite from an Australian spider of any size could make you sick and you could feel nausea, muscle spasms, and even unconsciousness. So always be ready with first aid as you step outside.

2. Cockroaches

If the name is enough to send a chill down your spine, Australia has them in a gazillion, and that too with full glory. And if you are not really ready to befriend  these nasty fears-inducing pieces of annoyance, there could be enough for you to rush to the airport for a return trip back home.

However, if you are ever in the Lake Eyre Basin of Australia, you will find a tall list of cockroach species right from the Mardi Gras Cockroaches to the Sun Cockroaches, and whatnot!. And there comes the Burrowing Cockroaches, the second largest and the heaviest in the world only to add levels to your nightmare. Fear not, just pack a roach killer or maybe even a dozen or so of them in your backpack and get ready to fight them right off the bat.

What’s more, these beasts of pests can reportedly make a hissing sound when challenged. But thanks to nature, they neither have wings nor are they dangerous. So, don’t let yourself run into a post-traumatic stress syndrome if you find your little ones parenting them with an innocent yet possessive look.

3. Moths

How will you feel when a furry bug with no less than a 27- centimeter wingspan and tapered longer tails straightaway flies onto your face as you steer your feet to explore a garden or a forest in Australia? And it’s more likely to occur when you visit the Daintree Rainforest, if not anywhere else. This is a land full of Hercules Moth, the largest of the moth species.

Guess what, once you are here, you have nowhere to look for an escape. Mind-blowing, huh!

Apart from these giant moths, another huge species of moths you will find in the Southern half of Australia is the Rain moths. Enormous in size, these Bardi grubs can boast of a wingspan more than 6 inches long.

No wonder if you don’t meet notorious bugs of these two types, Australia is certainly a place of 20000-30000 types of moths. Australian insects to find on your travels.

4. Extatosoma Tiaratum

If you are ever traveling to the coastline of Australia and see a stick walking, don’t pinch yourself. It’s a creature popularly known as the Extatosoma tiaratum, a jaw-dropping piece of nature. You can find an insane amount of these terrestrial herbivores when you visit the gardens, vineyards or forests of Australia.

The best thing about these spiny, flattened and slender insects is that they are harmless and also very popular as pets if you are planning to take the world’s weirdest pest home.

5. Bulldog Ants

Last but not least, Australia is a native land for the most aggressive ants, called the Bulldog Ants. Sized about 8 mm to 40mm, they can bite you and even invite the rest of their clan for a bite in a gang, and all for no reason. In fact, they can spot you from a one-meter distance.

When it comes to measuring the potency of their venom, these arrogant jumper ants can bring you down with pain just with a single sting. So, it’s not a good idea to be screaming at the top of your lungs “get me out of here”, when you see a fleet of these beasts coming towards your breakfast table. Just run to a safe distance.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if the above mentioned 5 insects have you already scared and glued onto your couch, Australia is reputedly nesting insects and creatures even deadlier and venomous than these. Talk about those massive Grubs, Earthworms, and cranky centipedes, some among Australia’s top-listed stingers, and these wobbly pieces are enough to give you the worst nightmares on your Australian holiday. Seems like you can only enjoy your vacation with robust pest control by your side. Happy traveling. Australian insects to find on your travels.

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