Best Surf Camps in Perth

Best Surf Camps in Perth

Western Australia is Surf Mania, there is no stretch of coast that will not offer you its fruits of pristine clear waters and world-class waves. However, not everyone can surf, although everyone wants to. To make sure you find the surf bug take over your life, here are the best surf camps in Perth.

Here are the best surf breaks with the best surf camps in Perth


Fremantle’s excellent location makes it perfect for surfing – there are a few beaches around “Freo” where you can get yourself some green walls. The top spots are Leighton Beach (home of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club), and Port Beach.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe is easily Perth’s most popular beach. It’s a 1.5km stretch of west-facing sand and bluffs, which extend slightly north from Mudurup Rocks to the southern rocks of Swanbourne Beach. Although Cottesloe is not the most consistent surf spot, when it pumping it is unbelievable fun.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is a coastal suburb in Perth which carries incredible beach culture. ‘Scarbs’ has also higher waves which break more heavily on the bar which also create strong rips. Needless to say, with the surf and beach culture in full swing, this is a great spot to have a fun afternoon session.

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Best Surf Camps in Perth

If it’s Surf you are looking for, whilst exploring on of the greatest cities in the world, then Perth is simply unmissable. Make the most of your surfing endeavours and explore our top picks of the best surf camps in Perth.

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