5 Reasons To Travel Western Australia

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Looking for cheap travel in Western Australia? Take advantage of Integrity Coachlines hop-on-hop-off service, perfect for backpacking from Perth.

Cheap Travel Western Australia

Western Australia is Australia’s largest State and is packed to the brim with adventure and excitements from the coast to the bush! Sprawling along most of Australia’s coastline it will come as no surprise that you can experience most water activities here as well as the stunning beaches that fringe the Indian Ocean.

If you’re planning on touring Western Australia then you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time and with our hop-on-hop-off pass you’ll be pleased to know you can go at your very own pace. With routes going from Perth all the way up to Broome you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to stop off, so here’s a few highlights not to be missed whilst backpacking across Western Australia.


Lancelin, Western Australia

One of the most famous and sandiest parts of Western Australia, Lancelin is the first stop north from Perth on Integrity Coachlines hop-on-hop-off route and is perfect for a few lazy days by the beach and a spot of sandboarding down the sand dunes.

Monkey Mia Resort

Famous for its local dolphins, Monkey Mia is where you’ll have the unique opportunity to hand feed wild dolphins as they swim into the shallows each day and is a fantastic resort to stop over at for relaxing and water sports whilst making your way north.

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Exmouth & the Ningaloo Reef

The gateway to the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is a must for those of you who want to see WA’s answer the the Great Barrier Reef, and should you visit between March and September you may even have the chance to swim with Whale Sharks as they migrate through the Indian Ocean to feed at the Ningaloo Reef.


Karijini National Park

The jewel of Western Australia, Karijini National Park is where you’ll find adventures by the bucket load. From swimming in billabongs under waterfalls to watching out for crocodiles and spotting other native wildlife, it’s here where you can really get back to basics and have your fill of nature and the real Aboriginal culture.

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Book tours from Broome, WA


An old pearl fishing town, Broome is where you’ll see endless skies and some of the most dramatic sunsets on earth. Due to its location it is also where you’ll be able to see the Staircase To The Moon – an optical illusion that happens as the moon rises. You may have seen the postcards of camels trekking across the beach at sunset, so why not make your picture perfect moment happen here.

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