Chinese Applicants’ Visitor Visa applications: What to know about the changes

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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has just recently come out with new developments regarding the tourist visa applications for nationals from China, and they have just come out with some new ones. What do we know so far?

Starting from the 12th of December of last year, the following changes were made:

Visitor visa applications lodged by tourists from China can now be submitted in the Chinese language.

Applicants can now submit their Tourist Visa subclass 600 applications in the Chinese language thanks to the DIBP’s partnership with a service delivery website in China.

Through this very convenient service, lodged applications are going to be translated to English from Chinese so that it cab be submitted to Australia’s immigration department for procession.

The Trial of the 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor Visa

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has also been putting into trial a new type of visa which is the 10-year ‘frequent traveller’ visitor visa.

The Frequent Traveller Visitor Visa is going to be most suitable for those who have long term plans in visiting Australia frequently for the purpose of going on a business trip or simply for goin on a leisure trip.

This new type of visitor visa is going to be granted a validity of up to 10 years and will allow multiple short stays of as long as 3 months per visit.

Note that applicants need to lodge their applications from China, and must have a passport from the People’s Republic of China. The applicants however, are also going to be asked to provide biometrics identifiers (such as photographs and fingerprints) and submit it to an AVAC, or an Australian Visa Application Centre in China prior to actually submitting the application on the internet.

Applicants can schedule an appointment with an Australian Visa Application Centre through its newly partnered service delivery website. The number of applications which will be lodged is only going to be limited due to the reason that the DIBP is still testing this new type of visa. Applications can only be made online and the applicants will be charged 1,000 Australian dollars.

Should the testing be a success, the immigration department may make the visa available to other passport holders in the near future.

You may visit the official website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, as well as the website for the Australian Embassy in China, if you would like to learn more information regarding the visa.