Cleaning up Manly in 2020

Cleaning up Manly in 2020

The suburb of Manly on the North Beach in Australia is a very popular tourist spot. It is the beachside of Sydney. Famous for its long beaches and a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean, its residents pride themselves on its cleanliness. There have been multiple actions and events whose primary purpose was to reduce the wastage and clean up trash from the oceans and beaches.

Waste Management

Waste management deals with collection, separation, recycling, and more. In the whole of Australia, waste management programs have been started and have gotten hugely popular. Some companies offer those services, mostly on a day to day basis. If you want to learn more about how it can be done, try looking up the daily services for renting residential, commercial, and builder skip bins. With the help of these programs, there has been a decrease in pollution in the last few years. Its main purpose is to make clean energy and save all the natural goods that Australia’s beach coast has to offer.

House Cleaning

Besides waste management, there have been actions started in Manly to clean out the piled up and unused stuff from the homes. Often, we need to pile up old furniture or buy things that we don’t really need. When the houses get full or something needs to be replaced, furniture gets thrown out, burned, or put in the dumps. Because of that, there is a wide variety of unused and piled up garbage, and the way that it gets discarded can cause significant pollution to the ocean or the air. 

Beach Clean-Up Actions

Because of the many tourists who pass through Manly, even with the strict no littering laws, there is a chance that the beaches could get dirty. This harms marine life and ruins the appearance and attractiveness of that landscape. That is why there are beach clean up events organized by the residents every few months. In 2020, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, unfortunately, few of those events have been postponed. However, the beaches still maintain a pristine look as per usual.

Cleaning up Manly in 2020

Diving Clean-Up Actions

In addition to the beach cleaning, the diving actions and events have been organized by the local Manly diving teams. Their goal was to clean up the waste piled up in the ocean and save the diverse marine life that resides on the coasts of North Beach. The Manly Dive Center has made a point to call for action on cleaning the marine debris in which the life that resides in the ocean gets tangled up or eats it, which results in maritime life fatalities.

Final Word

As previously mentioned, because of the global pandemic, many actions have been unfortunately halted in 2020. However, some of them were still held with great success. The suburb of Manly has made a great example of maintaining its cleanliness and saving the ecosystem. Keeping natural goods and offering clean surroundings, even in this year, full of obstacles, was one of Australia’s main priorities. When we save nature, nature saves us in return, which has been proven in Manly’s case.