Interview: Piqued Jacks talk creativity and festival headliners

Hey Piqued Jacks, welcome to BBM. How are you today?
Hey BBM, we’re feeling great thanks. We’re all “synchronized” here on Skype to answer your questions.

You’ve recently released your new single ‘Every Day Special’, what were your inspirations behind the track?
In the very moment of creating music we never think of anything or anyone; this may be a virtue or a fault, we don’t know. Right after the first jam though, the artists that came to our mind were Chemical Brothers as for the bass part, and The Killers as for the guitar one. “Every Day Special” was also the first song to have lyrics and vocals laid on it, between Majic-o’s bedroom and living room.

Did you encounter any challenges during the recording process of ‘Every Day Special’?
We did immediately feel that “Every Day Special” had “that”, and that we could turn it into a great single. The challenge was to make it work in the best way possible. Also, the vocals’ recording session on this track was particularly difficult, since it’s a very demanding song and E-King couldn’t sing it over and over again.

What part of the production process do you enjoy the most when creating new music?
Hard to tell. Can we choose two parts? The first time that we play a song and we feel that “something” in our gut, which also happens when we first record some vocals on it and the song finally takes flight. Nonetheless, all the work of giving a certain ambiance and atmosphere to the track that we do with a producer, is precious to us. It’s like choosing the right piece of wood or stone for a sculpture, and then – after carving out the shape you had in mind – adding the small details that really make it special.

If you could headline any festival in the world, what festival would you choose and why?
Glastonbury or Coachella, whichever calls us first. We grew up watching bands performances on the Pyramid Stage and dreaming to stand in front of the a full Valley of Music.

Any tips for aspiring artists?
We don’t feel so accomplished that we can give pieces of advice to other fellow musicians, but we think that one of the most important things for an aspiring musician is to be aware of the sacrifice that you will have to make, that could also last for a long time. The iceberg’s metaphor is always the best one to describe this world: everyone sees what’s on top (like being played by MTV or Virgin Radio, to name two recent accomplishments), but nobody knows what’s behind that. Nobody but a strong-willed musician would be in a motorhome, far from everyone, rationing crisps and water.

Finally, what are your hopes for Piqued Jacks in the future?
We hope to live a good life thanks to music, and we don’t say that just for us but also for our whole team. And of course being one of the best Italian bands in the world.