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Fraser Island 4x4 Camping Tours

K’gari, more popularly known as Fraser Island, is located of the East Coast of Queensland, Australia. Local Aboriginal people have long known the island as K’gari and recently succeeded in having the name recognised officially. We believe the story behind the Aboriginal name for Fraser Island, about a female spirit who was turned into this sandy island, enhances our understanding of this beautiful place. K’gari effortlessly amazes you with her beauty and abundant nature. Her feminine, curvaceous landscapes will have you seduced into serenity, her calming nature will see you relaxing on her pure white beaches surrounding crystal clear lakes and feeling her peaceful energy on a walk through her cool rainforests.

Weather On Fraser Island

Fraser Island has a subtropical climate with temperatures moderated by its proximity to the sea. Average coastal temperatures range from 22 to 28 degrees Celsius in December and 14 to 21 degrees Celsius in July, although it can be more extreme inland. The rainy season tends to take place in summer on Fraser island from December to February.


Best Time of The Year to Visit Fraser Island

Fraser Island is spectacular all year round, however you can look forward to different nature events at different times of year whilst on a Fraser Island tour. Here are a few things to look out for at certain times of the year. 

Summer (December to February):

It’ll be hot on Fraser Island from December to February, but it can also get pretty rainy – which can be a welcome gift from the skies to cool down. The average temperature is 29°C in summer and you can expect warm nights with temperatures of around 22°C. Besure to pack a lightweight waterproof jacket/ rain mac and mossie spray!

Autumn (March to May):

March to May is a great time to visit Fraser Island. It’s still warm and it’s less rainy with an average temperature of 23°C – perfect for exploring the Island. Still pack that rain mac though!

Winter (June to August):

Also known as Whale Season on Fraser Island. This is one of the most wonderful times of year to visit Fraser Island is from July to November when the whale season is in full swing. YOu’ll see Humpback Whales as they make their way past Fraser Island with their brand new calves having given birth in the warmer waters. Temperatures sit from 18°C – 22°C so remember to pack a jumper and some socks – especially if you’re camping.

Spring (September to November):

Much like autumn this is a great time to visit Fraser Island. As it leads up to summer the temperatures is between 24°C to 27°C with barely any chance of rain!

So many people come to Fraser Island all the time and I love helping them connect with it and leave their troubles behind. As soon as you get on that barge, you settle into island life. Beer o’clock tends to be around 11.30am! I’m inspired by sharing it with other people, so Mark – my fiancé whom I met on the island – and I set up Drop Bear Adventures. Fraser is very easy to be a tour guide, and it’s such a beautiful place, you can turn up at Lake McKenzie and go, “Here you go, guys. Here’s a crystal clear water lake, go and have a swim.” It’s also about sharing the aboriginal culture, the history, the spirituality, getting them to appreciate the fragile eco-system, how special and unique the lake is. They’re never going to see anything like this in the world – Fraser’s got over half of the world’s fresh dune lakes on one island, it’s the only place where rain forest grows on sand.

Hana 'Dropbear' White

founder of Dropbear Adventures

Fraser Island 4X4 Tours

No East Coast tour is complete without booking on to a Fraser Island 4×4 tour. Browse our selection of Dropbear Adventure’s Fraser Island tours below, departing from Noosa (6.45am) and Rainbow Beach (9am) every Monday and Friday!
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Fraser Island 3 Day Tour

Explore the world’s largest sand island…
White beaches, crystal clear lakes, mangroves and rainforests… Fraser Island is one stop off on an East Coast adventure that just can’t be missed.
Fraser Island isn’t just beautiful though, it’s got some gravitas to it being the world’s largest sand island sporting a 75 mile long beach – aptly named 75 Mile Beach – as well as a real life shipwreck, dingos, crystal clear lakes and so much more.


Visit Lake McKenzie

If you’re planning a trip along the East Coast of Australia, then Fraser Island is a must on your itinerary.
It’s here where you’ll find the awe-inspiring Lake McKenzie. Containing only rainwater, not groundwater, the lake is a pure crystal blue, which sits beautifully alongside the white silica beach. Make sure not to miss this beauty. ​


10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Fraser Island

Fraser Island is just one of Australia’s many natural wonders that makes it a must-visit destination. Beckoning travellers from all over to its sandy shores, this popular island holds one or two secrets as well as the odd world record breaker…
As if you needed any more convincing to visit this stunning island, here’s 10 facts about Fraser Island that make it truly unique.


Fraser Island & Whale Watching Tours

If your heading to Fraser Island during whale watching season, you’re in for a treat! From July to October the East Coast of Australia sees thousands of Humpback Whales migrate north to have babies. They then return to Antarctic waters with their young after calving in the warm tropical waters and Hervey Bay is the place to see them…

Book a 2 or 3 day Fraser Island tour and get 10% off whale watching!


With tours departing from Rainbow Beach and Noosa, Dropbear Adventures will take you on both 2 day and 3 day tours of Fraser Island. Dropbear Adventures also operate whale watching tours in Hervey Bay and tours of the Whitsundays.


Each tour is tailored to suit the weather, tides and preferences of our guests, so make sure you ask the friendly Dropbear staff about your options when booking.

Driving on Fraser Island

4WDriving on Fraser Island is heaps of fun and is a top highlight for many of our guests. The reason it is so much fun is because take the hassle out of navigating the beach and knowing all the 4WD techniques so all you have to do is follow your guides wheel tracks and simple instructions. All our vehicles are fully automatic and in constant 4WD so you can relax and take in the scenery.

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