Guide to Fraser Island Queensland

Guide to Fraser Island

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Guide to Fraser Island Queensland

Queensland’s strong health response to COVID-19 indicates that the state is well-positioned for recovery. The state’s roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions outlines 3 stages to allow Queenslanders more freedom for travel and participation in more activities.

Things to do in Fraser Island


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Opening Hours

8 am – 6 pm Mon-Friday

9 am – 4 pm Sundays

Closed 25th Dec and 1st Jan

Stage III of Easing COVID-19 Restrictions in Queensland

Stage 3 of Easing of Restrictions commenced on July 3, 2020.  In Stage 3, Queenslanders will continue to be able to travel anywhere in Queensland except for restricted areas.  More businesses can also be open with more patrons allowed in venues.  From midday July 10th, anyone can enter Queensland unless they have been in a COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days.

For more information on this matter, please visit;

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Easing COVID-19 Restrictions and Fraser Island

As per the Queensland Government’s Roadmap for easing the restrictions, the following travel guidelines apply for Fraser Island;

  • Stage 2 has already permitted camping and overnight stays on Fraser Island.  Kingfisher Bay Resort and Eurong Beach Resort reopened on June 19th for guests from within Queensland.


  • Stage 3 saw the state borders opened from July 10th and interstate access is permitted by obtaining a border pass.  However, this excludes Victoria and Greater Sydney from August 1st.  


  • Many resorts and tours on Fraser Island have started to accept interstate bookings.  Most of these bookings now have a flexible cancellation policy for this year to allow for any further changes to travel restrictions within the state.

Fraser Island

World Heritage-listed K’gari or Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and boasts of remarkable natural beauty!  Long beaches, dramatic colored sand cliffs, natural sand blows, rocky headlands, and pristine freshwater lakes and streams are K’gari’s spectacular natural features!  Life hasn’t changed much on K’gari.  The pandemic has given nature the much-needed breather!

  • Lakes in Fraser Island

There are three types of lakes on the island; window lakes such as Ocean Lake, barrage lakes such as Lake Wabby, and perched lakes such as Lake McKenzie.  

  • Wildlife on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is home to over 300 species of birds and as such, bird watching can be a rewarding and fun activity.  The dingoes freely roam the area.

For more information on the Great Sandy National Park, please visit;

  • Fraser Island Vegetation

Coastal heath, swamps, mangrove forests, and subtropical rainforests grow on the infertile sands of the island!  The rainforest around Central Station is home to the massive Angiopteris ferns, which are the largest fern fronds in the world.  The area has a variety of pine trees, palms, and massive Satinay trees.  Some interesting carnivorous plants are found on Fraser Island.

Places to See in Fraser Island

1. Lake Boomanjin Fraser Island

Lake Boomanjin is the largest perched lake in the world, covering almost 200 hectares.  Its waters are stained brown by tannin from the Tea Trees.  Crowds here are smaller than at Lake Wabby or Lake McKenzie.  As such, you relax in the shallow waters and take your time enjoying the pristine surroundings!  Swimming, picnicking and bird watching are popular activities here.

For more information on Lake Boomanjin, please visit;

For information on Lake Boomanjin camping area, please visit;

2. Central Station Fraser Island

Once the center of Fraser Island forestry industry, the Central Station houses a display explaining the history, its flora, and fauna.  This amazing rainforest area provides a scenic boardwalk through the forest along the banks of Wanggoolba Creek.  It also has a beautiful camping and picnic area.  Stroll through the many memorable walks and visit the Basin Lake and Pile Valley.

For more information on the Central Station camping area, please visit;

3. Boorangoora (Lake McKenzie) Fraser Island

The white sand and sparkling blue waters of Lake McKenzie attract many visitors.  Its famous swirls have earned the lake the title of the jewel of the island!  The high natural acidity levels of the water have made it virtually impossible for most plant and fish life to flourish.  Thus, it is one of the most spectacular and relaxing swimming spots one could ask for!

For information on Lake McKenzie Walk, please visit;

4. Lake Wabby Fraser Island

The deep green water and bright white sand dunes of Lake Wabby present you with a startlingly contrasting beauty!  Being the deepest dune lake on the island, its waters come alive with 12 species of fish.  The Lake Wabby Lookout has breath-taking views over Dulingbara and Hammerstone Sandblow, the lake and the sparkling blue waters of the Coral Sea!

For information on Lake Wabby Walk, please visit;

5. Lake Birrabeen Fraser Island

A wide expanse of crystal clear water surrounded by pure white sandy shoreline makes up Lake Birrabeen.  The water is super clean because the organic colloids are filtered out by the sand.  This is very similar to Lake McKenzie and it is a perched lake too.  Being one of the less crowded lakes, it gives you an uninterrupted view of this stunning swimming location!

For more information on Lake Birrabeen, please visit;

6. Eli Creek Fraser Island

Cool off next to this crystal clear freshwater creek that flows out to the ocean!  Swim or float down the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end for an invigorating experience.   Eli Creek pours up to four million litres of water into the ocean every hour!  It is a popular picnic and swimming spot.  Its boardwalk follows the creek inland through banksia and pandanus.

For more information on Eli Creek, please visit;

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7. Ocean Lake

Stained by the tea trees, the waters of Ocean Lake can look dark and intimidating even at midday!  However, the refreshing water temperature as a result of the shaded edges of the lake is most enjoyable.  The rope swing into the deep water can provide you with a bit of adventure and excitement.  Launch your kayak from the 15.5 sq. km shoreline or simply explore it!

For more information on Ocean Lake, please visit;

How to Get to K’gari? In Fraser Island

You have many choices to choose from in order to get to Fraser Islands.  They are by means of high clearance 4WD, by plane or with a commercial tour.

1. Four Wheel Drive Vehicles used in Fraser Island

From Inskip Point:-

Your 4WD vehicle can be driven towards the Manta-Ray barge.  From there, the short trip to Hook Point on the southern tip of K’gari and the start of Eastern Beach scenic drive can be reached.  No bookings needed for this barge.

From River Heads (east of Maryborough):-

The River Heads Road takes you to the Fraser Island Barges landing area.  From there, the trip to Wanggoolba Creek on western K’gari takes 30 – 45 minutes.  The trip to Kingfisher Bay on western K’gari takes 50 minutes – 1 hour.  Bookings are essential for these barges.

2. Plane Flights Hervey Bay to Fraser Island

Flights leave from Hervey Bay and Maryborough to Fraser Island.  

3. Private vessels

You can access K’gari’s sheltered western coastline by private vessel easily and safely.  The eastern coastline is extremely hazardous and is exposed to very rough ocean conditions.

4. Commercial tours

You can join a range of tours that leave from a variety of centers.  

Upcoming Tours

1. 3-day / 2-night Fraser Island Tour from Noosa and Rainbow Beach

Dates starting from November 3rd (from AUS $ 549)

Pursue an adventure 4W Driving through towering rainforests, splashing in freshwater lakes, floating down lazy creeks and walking over sand dunes!  Enjoy the serenity of breath-taking beautiful lakes and epic views!  The tour departs from Noosa and Rainbow Beach and drops off at these two locations.  This tour is not suitable for children under 15.

–         Highlights of this tour;

  • Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie
  • A short hike into Lake Wabby
  • Bathing in the bubbling Champagne Pool and floating down Eli Creek
  • Exploring the Maheno Shipwreck
  • Marine life spotting (turtles, sharks and manta rays) from Indian Head
  • Driving through towering rainforest and bushland
  • Aboriginal cultural experiences such as learning to throw a Boomerang and playing the Didgeridoo
  • 4W Driving the island’s many beaches and inland tracks
  • Stargazing and accommodation at the Wilderness Camp

To book this tour, please visit;

2. 2 Day Fraser Island Wildlife Tour from Noosa and Rainbow Beach

Dates starting from August 17th (from AUS $ 419)

Explore the wild wonderland of Fraser Islands from July to October!  This is the time when the dingo pups are coming out of their dens for the first time and the Humpback Whales are visiting!  Spot amazing marine life such as turtles, sharks and manta rays!  The tour departs from Noosa and Rainbow Beach and drops off at these two locations.  This tour is not suitable for children under 15.

–         Highlights of this tour;

  • Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie
  • Bathing in the bubbling Champagne Pool and floating down Eli Creek
  • Exploring the Maheno Shipwreck
  • Marine life spotting (turtles, sharks and manta rays) from Indian Head
  • Walking along the scenic boardwalk of Central Station Rainforest
  • Didgeridoo demonstration and sunset Boomerang sessions
  • Amazing 4W Driving opportunities for 21-year-olds and above
  • Exploring the Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands and the Cooloola National Park

** These 3 sites are covered for only the guests departing and returning to Noosa and are dependent on time constraints, weather and tidal conditions.

To book this tour, please visit;

3. Tailored Tours (approximately 3 days)

Dates starting from October 26th (from AUS $ 1995)

Explore the beautiful freshwater lakes, rainforests, sand-blows & dunes on a tailored tour, designed around you and your needs!  See as much or as little as you like with your travel buddies, also with a qualified and experienced guide!  Choose your own dates, duration, and cover highlights of your own choice!

–          Highlights of the Fraser Island Tours

The 3-day tour covers Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Champagne Pools, Indian Head, Central Station Rainforest, Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach coloured sands and Cooloola National Park.  However, some of it will be visited subject to favourable weather and tidal conditions.  The private tour could cover your choice from these highlights.

For more information on Cooloola National Park, please visit;

To book this tour, please visit;

  • Donation to Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

The tour operator, Drop Bear Adventures, believes in “a little goes a long way when you’ve lost everything!”  Your ticket to the amazing Fraser Island tours with Drop Bear Adventures donates AUS $ 2 to the Red Cross Australia in support of the Bushfire Crisis.  Your donation will help support the tireless efforts of the volunteers who help tackle the Bushfire Crisis of Australia!

3. Fraser Island + Whitsunday Sailing Packages

Pair your Fraser Island adventure tours with a Whitsundays sailing trip!  Cover two of Australia’s most visited spots on the East Coast, with the amazing package options!

To book this tour package, please visit;

To book ocean rafting tours at Whitsunday islands, please visit;

Tips for Visitors

  • Driving

All vehicles driven on Fraser Island must have a current Fraser Island vehicle access permit.  Driving should be done cautiously and with a lot of time because the roads are sandy.  The inland tracks are suitable for high clearance 4WD vehicles only.

  • Private Vessels

As there are no boat ramps on K’gari, launch your private boat at one of the many boat ramps on the mainland between Tin Can Bay and Burnett Heads.

  • Use of cosmetics

Do not use soaps, toothpaste, skin creams and sunscreen, bug spray, detergents etc. in the lakes and streams.  The ecosystems of some of the lakes such as Lake Wabby and Ocean Lake can be damaged by them.

  • Toileting

Always use toilets, as human waste in lakes and streams is unhealthy.  It also promotes unnatural levels of algal growth.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships (QPWS&P) recommends bringing and using a portable toilet when camping in areas without toilet facilities.

Never empty portable toilet waste into QPWS&P toilets, or onto the ground.

  • Safety

Carefully watch the QPWS Government safety video that covers the basics of driving a 4WD on Fraser Island and adhere to it.

As the wongari (dingoes) associate people with food, popular sites also attract them.  Therefore, please remember not to take food or drinks (except water) to the lakes for safety.

The water of Lake Wabby is shallower than it appears.  Therefore, do not dive or jump into the lake.  Never run, jump, board, slide, roll or race down the sand dune that leads into the lake as it can cause serious spinal injuries.  Swimming is not recommended in Lake Wabby.

  • Fishing

Keep fish, bait, and berley in sealed containers away from wongari (dingoes).

Bury fish remains and unused bait just below high tide mark in a deep pit with at least 50 cm of sand on top.

Bury fish remains when wongari are not around, so that they don’t associate finding the remains with people.

Dispose of used bait bags and unwanted fishing line in bins.

Fish cleaning is prohibited in all camping areas.

All freshwater fish are protected on K’gari.  Therefore, fishing or collecting the bait in lakes and streams is not permitted.

  • Protecting wildlife

Do not feed or leave food available for animals.  As our food does not suit wildlife, it can make them sick.

Plastic bags kill animals.  Therefore, bin your bags or don’t bring them.

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