Expat Interview With A Bower Healthcare Nurse Nicola Grace

Nicola Grace-Cronulla sunset

Like many overseas nurses looking for work in New South Wales, Nicola Grace has signed up to Bower Healthcare. From starting her application in the UK to moving to Cronulla six months later, here she tells us how easy and efficient they made her move to Australia.
What attracted you to apply to Bower Healthcare?
When I was still living in the UK and considering making the move to Australia, a colleague told me about her time working for Bower Healthcare in Sydney. She had really enjoyed working for the agency and suggested that I get in touch with them myself.
What experience and qualifications were they looking for?
I found it very similar to applying for a job in the UK; I had to provide a CV showing experience and qualifications relevant to the area of nursing that I wanted to work in, along with referees. I also had to register with AHPRA, the Australian equivalent of the NMC, and provide evidence of screening for various diseases, such as TB and Hep B.
Were you in Australia or overseas when applying?
I was still in the UK when I originally contacted Bower Healthcare and I explained that I was planning to arrive in Sydney after travelling in Asia and South America for around six months. Graham Bower was very quick to respond to my email, and suggested that I stay in touch during my travels, with a view to completing my application on arrival in Australia. I did contact
the agency towards the end of my trip and then Graham explained the steps I could start taking to speed up the process once I arrived.

How regularly did you receive contact from Bower after applying?
I had lots of questions before I arrived, about the kind of work I might be able to get and the practicalities of working as an overseas nurse,
so the agency responded to explain more about this whenever I had a query. Within a few days of getting to Sydney, I had an appointment at the agency where we went through all the compliancy and paperwork that I needed to complete. We came up with a simple list of tasks, such as applying for a tax file number and organising my medical records. I’m now waiting on a few things to come back before I can start work in a couple of weeks’ time. The agency has been in regular contact since I arrived, providing advice and keeping me updated on the progress of my application.
How has your experience been looking for work with Bower Healthcare?
The agency has been very involved in helping me to apply to join them and to get work once I am signed up. They have explained everything clearly all along, supported me to settle in to working a new country with a new healthcare system, and they have assured me that they will be able to find me the shifts that I am looking for.
Do you feel secure working through Bower Healthcare?
I do feel secure working through the agency. Doing casual shifts is obviously different to finding a permanent job, as I will not have contracted hours, but I am confident that I will be able to work where and when I want to through the agency. The support I have received already shows me that they are committed to making the process as easy and efficient as possible.
If you’re considering migrating to Australia and want information on available healthcare jobs in New South Wales start by visiting www.bowerhealthcare.com.au or give them a call on +61 (0)2 9222 9638 from outside Australia or from within free call 1800 003 949.