Popof Interview


The first artist album to be released on Hot Creations this year comes courtesy of Popof, a Parisien artist whose latest offering is flowing with an understated techno production and evocative vocal melodies. Here, he speaks to BBM about his new album, his European summer and creating calmer tracks…
Hi Alexandre! How are you?
Hello! I’m great. It’s Friday and I’m getting ready for the weekend.
Where in the world are you right now?
I’m in Paris airport waiting for my flight. ‘Love Somebody’ is a chic, fresh and captivating offering from you.
Why did you decide to create tracks that had a calmer side to them?
I actually didn’t. It came naturally to me because that’s what I’m into at the moment. I’ve always functioned like that, creating music according to what I was feeling at the time.

And why was Hot Creations the right label for you to release it on?
Hot Creations is a label I have tremendous love for. So naturally, it’s them I thought of first for my album. The music they produce corresponds entirely to the one I sent them.
If your former releases were for the dancefloor, how would you describe the setting for ‘Love Somebody’?
For me, ‘Love Somebody’ is an album to listen to during a before or an after, to basically chill
out. It’s not exactly dance-floor nightclub music, although I did try to play a couple of tracks in this context and they worked very well. I guess you just need to play them at the right time.
Your live shows are as crazy as ever, and I loved the video recently of you in Buenos Aires and someone in the audience with their feet in the air! Where will you be heading to in the next month or two?
I’ll be playing in France, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Turkey… The list goes on!
Are you looking forward to the Ibiza season?
I am so impatient to be in Ibiza because, amongst other great events, I’ve got two shows at Paradise DC10 and at Cocoon Amnesia. This is all so very exciting.
Will you be having a little holiday yourself?
I rarely take any holiday, mainly because I’m perpetually on holiday! But it would be great to take a few weeks off at some point in order to rest in a quiet, serene place – and to recharge my batteries.
From your time with Heretik System to now, are there any parties or venues that stick in your mind from over the years?
There are many places and events that will be forever etched in my memory. For example, the Molitor pool with Heretik, or the first time I went to the Kabbalah festival, or more recently that club in Buenos Aires.
‘Love Somebody’ is out now on hotcreations.com.