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You can never run out of places for a nice walk in Perth, and Heirisson Island is one of those places.
Lying in the Swan River between East Perth and Victoria Park, the island is a nature reserve with a calm and peaceful atmosphere – everything you need for a refreshing stroll. Just minutes from the hectic life of the city, expect some solitude in the mainly unspoiled area with abundant natural attractions and enjoy the peace!
pelican on heirisson island
On the south side of the island you can take a nice walk by the river on the 2km walking path, and along the way you can enjoy the view of the city centre from the other side, as well as various natural attractions such as big trees and bushes on the island. Always watch out when you stroll through the island; if you’re lucky you can spot a few kangaroos roaming around freely! The relatively friendly ‘roos mostly don’t mind humans fussing over them, but always be careful – you won’t want to provoke them! Of course, the kangaroos are the island’s best attractions as it’s pretty rare to get up close with the Australian icons when they just roam around not far from the city, and all for free. If you prefer a bit of a crowd, get down to the north side where picnic and barbeque facilities are available.
kangaroo on heirisson island
Heirisson Island is only a five-minute drive from the city centre and four minutes from the nearby suburb of Victoria Park, but if you prefer a little bit of exercise why not take a walk from the city along the Riverside while enjoying the fresh air and the view of the calm waters? Alternatively, you can also ride on a Transperth bus and get off at Victoria Park Transfer Station, which is only a short walk from the island.
heirisson island
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