Top Five Australian Islands to Visit

aerial shot of heron island australia

Would you believe that there are a colossal 8,222 Australian islands located off its’ shores, all unique in their wildlife and nature? It may be near impossible to get round to ticking them all off your bucket list, but here are our recommendations for the top five Australian island that are definitely worth visiting.

Heron Island

baby turtle heading for the ocean on heron island
First on our list is the paradise Heron Island, located off the North-East Coast of Australia. Expect to see an abundance of tropical wildlife and make the most of its location on the Great Barrier Reef with world-class snorkeling opportunities! This time every year is prime time for turtle mating season, so Heron Island offers the chance to see first hand the turtles on their return.
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Fraser Island

fraser island
Fraser Island is a place of exceptional natural beauty. Stretching over 123 kilometers, it’s the world’s largest sand island and a place of natural wonder as rainforest trees grow and survive out of the island sand. The island really has something for everyone with dense vegetation, sand dunes, beautiful panoramic views and freshwater lakes. Look out for the native dingo pups that are being born during the winter months! Enjoy this getaway from the mainland on a camping safari with Drop Bear Adventures.
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Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island is situated just off the coast of South Australia, below Adelaide. One of the principle reasons it deserves its title as a hotspot is its incredible rocky landscape. After millions of years of erosion and exposure to the force of Mother Nature, the rocks have been sculpted into amazing otherworldly geological formations. The island is also a fab spot for the adrenaline junkies amongst you, with activities ranging from sand boarding to quad biking. As well as this, the island is alive with wildlife – look out for sea lions, koala bears and (you guessed it) Kangaroos! Self drive or check out Kangaroo Island  Adventure Tours.
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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island, or ‘Rotto’ as it’s known locally, is only a short ferry ride from Perth and at the same time a world away from the busy city. The island comprises of a whopping 63 beaches so you can take your pick as to which one to explore! There are no cars permitted on the island, so visitors tend to discover Rotto by bicycle or by foot. Rottnest Island has a large number of native and introduced rare species of birds to look out for, or if you fancy something more fast-paced, the island has a great selection of watersports, such as diving and water skiing.

Phillip Island

penguins on phillip island
Last but by no means least, Phillip Island – just off the coast of Melbourne – is one to discover with its stunning coastline and enormous waves ideal for surfing. Phillip Island plays host to one of Australia’s most popular wildlife attractions that we reckon is a must-see – the nightly ‘penguin parade’. Watch hundreds of little penguins waddle ashore after a full-on day of fishing! There is even a penguin-viewing tower specifically for watching the marvel.
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