Festivals in August Northern Territories Australia

Festivals in August Northern Territories Australia

Women’s Leadership Darwin Symposium 2019

When: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 9:00am–6:00pm

Where: Darwin Convention Centre, Stokes Hill Rd, Darwin City, Northern Territory

Addressing a wide range of topics including gender equality, leadership, career advancement and life fulfilment, the Symposiums offer an important opportunity for Australian women to stay abreast of current local and international trends.

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

When: Fri 30 Aug 2019, 7:30pm–9:30pm and Sat 31 Aug 2019, 7:30pm–9:30pm

Where: Oaks Elan Darwin, 31–33 Woods St, Darwin City, Northern Territory

Basil, Manuel and Sybil are in town and they’re bringing a healthy dose of mayhem to your door. Fully immersive, highly interactive and completely original, this is the top-flight show where anything can happen and usually does and with 70% of the show improvised, it’s never the same twice. With two hours of comedy, three courses of food, and five-star reviews, expect chaos, laughs, and a brilliant night out.

Ross Noble – Humournoid

When: Fri 30 Aug 2019, 8:00pm–10:10pm

Where: Darwin Entertainment Centre, 93 Mitchell Street, Darwin City, Northern Territory

What happens when pure comedy takes human form? What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up? Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing. What is a thing is Ross Noble doing a show. You can come and see it. This is it.

Jay Hoad

When: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 5:00pm–8:00pm

Where: Darwin Ski Club, 20 Conacher St, Fannie Bay, Northern Territory

Hoad’s show is renowned for being something very unique, with almost 20 instruments on stage including drum kit, skateboard guitar, didgeridoos, etc. With a total of 7 full length albums recorded over the past 10 years, and having toured through a total of 42 countries, he is a well oiled machine when it comes to touring and bringing huge energy to the stage.

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