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Whether you’re a humble backpacker looking to experience the land down under, or in Australia for a short visit, make sure to check out the festivals. Australia offers every conceivable festival that one could want to be a part of – from camping festivals to raves, every interest is covered. Known for its gatherings, the country’s annual calendar is packed, so make sure to base a visit around one of the following festivals for a rewarding cultural interchange.

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BridgeClimb Sydney Presents – The Best City Festivals in Australia

Vivid Sydney

Each year Sydney lights up in vivid colours and is showcased through unique perspectives and ideas. This festival of lights offers an immersive experience with its light projections and installations. Artists from Australia and around the globe descend on the city to showcase their creative prowess. The festival usually takes place during the months of May and June and is held for a period of three weeks. Alongside the festival, musicians host concerts and day´s leading thinkers undertake open forum discussions. However, it is the interactive multimedia installations and the lit-up sculptures that really attract the awe struck crowds across the globe.
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White Night

Originally staged in France, the first White Night Festival came alive in 2002 on the streets of Paris. Here, festival organizers wanted to shed light on the city’s art and culture scene. However, since 2013, Melbourne became the first city in the land down under to reciprocate a White Night Festival. The event is supported by the local government as a bid to encourage local artists in their innovations. The festival drew from not only local but also international acts, and with more than 200,000 people attending, the festival was an instant hit. The festival is held each year in February and it is estimated that more than 500,000 visitors enter the city to experience the biggest cultural event on the Australian calendar.
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Chinese New Year celebrations in Melbourne

As far as Chinese centric festivities go – the Chinese New Year definitely tops them all. As the New Year dawns it brings with it many weeks of festivities and traditional celebrations.  Also known as the Lunar New Year, the festival is a time for the Asian communities in Melbourne to open their doors to friends and visitors to share in the merriment. Apart from the stellar fire works, there is more to be experienced in every part of the city. From Chinatown to Box Hill, visitors will be able to savour some of the best traditional food items made popularly during this time of year.  Be sure to spend time trying out the best Chinese cuisine at Melbourne’s signature restaurants during this time as there’s much more than dumplings on offer.
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Fremantle Street Art Festival

What started as an expansion of a popular busking culture in Fremantle in 1999, has now blossomed into a fully fledged Street Arts Festival.  It is often said that some of the best theatre can be experienced at the impromptu pop up street acts that dot the festival. The festival takes place across the long weekend during Easter when the area is transformed into an open- air festival of theatre. From the unusual to the almost strange, the acts are absolutely awe inspiring. In addition, the local eateries in Fremantle up their game during the festival, sometimes  boasting of unbelievable food promotions and even extending services onto the street. An interesting aspect of the festival that attendees need to watch out for are the roving performers who pop up in very interesting spots across the city.
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Surry Hills Festival

The Surry Hills Festival takes place each year in September and is actually a celebration of this lively community. The festival area includes eateries with pop up stalls, art installations, tours, creative projects, musicians who perform on open stages. What is interesting to note is that the celebrations are in aid of a worthy cause. The funds that are raised from the festival through volunteers, musicians, sponsors etc go to support marginalised community members.  In short the festival is a party with a cause and it’s also the best way to get to know the locals of this warm community.
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Queensland Music Festival

Every second year, in July things in Queensland turn into a frenzy of excitement with the much anticipated Queensland Music Festival getting underway. The festival comprises musical performances that are staged at various locations across Queensland. The government of Queensland is one of the main backers of the event through it’s Arts Queensland initiative. Owing to the festival some innovative musical performances have been staged in almost every corner of Queensland. What began in 1991 as a Biennial Festival of Music in Brisbane, has grown by leaps and bounds with more visitors dropping by each year. The music is fabulous and make sure to check out the line-up of the festival in advance so that you don’t miss out on any of your favourite acts.
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