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Thailand : Festivals


monks thailand

Thai people sure know how to celebrate! And throughout the year there’s a number of festivals that are fantastic fun..

Songkarn, in mid April, is a celebration of the Thai New Year. Sacred rituals include offering food to monks in the local monastery, ceremonial bathing of Buddha images and young people paying respect to their elders by pouring scented water over their hands. However the ‘sprinkling’ of water has developed into intensely crazy all-in water fights on the streets, where literally everybody gets wet!

On the night of the full moon in the 12th lunar month, the romantic festival of Loy Krathong is a tribute to the Water Goddess. As night falls, tiny floats filled with flowers, incense and a candle illuminate rivers, streams and canals all over the country. Then of course, every month there’s the world-famous full-moon parties on the island of Koh Phangan. Where up to 20,000 people party hard on the beach ‘til the sun comes up!