Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from the Sunshine Coast

Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from the Sunshine Coast

Best Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from the Sunshine Coast this Year

Rainbow sand, luxurious woodlands, crystal clear water ways and an abundance of wildlife make Fraser Island a wondrous destination. Travellers rave about Fraser Island backpacker tours from the Sunshine Coast. Here is why you should try it.

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Explore Cooloola National Park

Go on a thrilling 4WD drive along the Cooloola National Park. You’ll drive past massive plantations of tall pine trees and gum woodlands. Catch a glimpse of the enchanting Cooloola sandmass on eastern side. If you wish to get behind the wheel, you must be an experienced driver with a valid license.

You’ll reach Fraser Island on a ferry from Inskip Point.

Rainbow Beach

Towering, sandy cliffs of rainbow beach serve as a natural record of time that passed. Colourful bands on the cliffs symbolize different moments of time. There are approximately 75 different hues of mainly red, brown, orange and yellow bands of sand on the cliffs.

75 Mile Beach

This is one of the most exhilarating 4WD driving tracks in the world. The track is sandy and smooth with occasional bumps along the way to add to the excitement. Tides and wind constantly change those hidden bumps and washouts on the road. But, if you follow the lead car and avoid sudden swerves, the ride will be fun sans accident.


Fraser Island is dotted with numerous lakes and waterways. Lake McKenzie is arguably the most sought after the lake on Fraser Island. Lake McKenzie is an expansive body of warm water along pristine, white sandy shores. Lake Wabby is small and green and you can gaze at the arresting sight of Hammerstone Sandblow from its shores.

Located on the 75 Mile Beach, Champagne Pools are safe and fun for swimming. These are volcanic ocean pools, fed by salty waves crashing over the tops. When the waves settle, you’ll see water fizz and foam like champagne. These lovely pools are great for floating.

Eli Creek is also great for lying down on your back to let the current whisk you away towards the ocean. Walk along the boardwalk going inland and jump into the cool waters beneath. Let the current carry you away to where you started.

Stroll Along Central Station

Central Station was once home to loggers and their families. Logging is no longer allowed at Central Station. Instead, you’ll see plenty of massive pine trees, tall flooded gum trees and satinays. These trees were planted about 90 years ago to create a botanical garden. You’ll discover Fraser Island’s wild beauty.

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