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    10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Fraser Island

    Fraser Island is just one of Australia’s natural wonders that makes it a must-visit travel destination so here are a few Fraser Island Facts you probably didn’t know. 

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    Fraser Island Facts

    Beckoning travellers from all over to its sandy shore, this popular island holds one or two secrets as well as the odd world record breaker…

    1. 120km long and 30km wide, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. This means that everything quite literally grows out of the sand – including the towering Central Station Rainforest.

    2. Lake Boomanjin is one of Fraser Island’s many perched lakes, but at 200 hectares, it’s the largest in the world.

    fraser island lake boomanjin

    3. Dingoes are not only found in Australia, but Fraser Island dingoes are so pure a breed that domestic dogs aren’t allowed on the island.

    4. The name Fraser Island originates from Eliza Fraser, the wife of the captain of Stirling Castle that crashed on the island back in 1836. While stranded for six weeks, they were taken hostage by the local Aboriginals.

    fraser island maheno shipwreck

    5. The indigenous name for Fraser Island is K’gari, meaning paradise.

    6. During World War II, Fraser Island was used by Special Operations Australia commandos for secret training. With the jungle and the beach, it was considered the ideal location for a gruelling regime.

    7. You can cruise down 75 Mile Beach on a 4WD, but this enormous stretch is not only Fraser Island’s main highway, it’s also the landing strip and airport.

    8. One of Fraser Island’s most famous lakes, Lake McKenzie, has water so pure that even animals can’t live in it.

    lake mckenzie on fraser island

    9. There are more than 230 species of bird on Fraser Island including pelicans, white-breasted sea eagles, kingfishers, ospreys, peregrine falcons and the ground parrot.

    10. You can watch the migration of humpback whales between the winter months from several lookouts on Fraser Island, but particularly Platypus Bay on the western side sees them relax in the sheltered waters.

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