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Aimed at the independent traveller, Oz Start Up work with a range of companies, big and small, in industries such as hospitality, office work, customer service, trades and healthcare, to fill roles such as bartenders, carpenters and nurses – many industries being suitable and available with or without work experience.

If you’re looking for your first job, be flexible. It’s great if you have experience in an office or in retail, but there are so many opportunities that arise in Australia that could lead to bigger things. It doesn’t harm to take different jobs, to broaden your horizons, try your hand at something different, or just earn money to pay for future trips.

If you’re looking for work to get your Second Working Holiday Visa, Oz Start Up work directly with farmers and working hostels to set you up with work in the right location. Most farming work, including fruit picking, is organised with a hostel that provides workers for local farmers, so you have accommodation and work in one. When there are vacancies, Oz Start Up are the first to know, and are especially busy in October finding workers for mango season.

While fruit picking is always in high demand, you also have the choice of cattle farming and construction – if you have the experience in it. The challenge of fruit picking does separate the most determined from the less so. The question is: how much do you really want to get your second year visa? The good news is, should you get past the first week, there’s a high probability you can do the whole 88 days, and if you can do that type of work you can pretty much do anything! If you are intent on completing your regional work, don’t leave it to the last minute; three months might not seem that long, but the work needs to be available.

When it comes to sponsorship, qualifications and experience are much more necessary. If you’re from the UK and have sales experience, recruitment companies are more likely to snatch you up due to your alternative sales skills to locals. Proven experience and qualifications will also make sponsorship for trades work much easier. The biggest industry in Australia – hospitality – is also one of the easiest to get into. Many of us have worked either in a hotel, a bar, or a restaurant at some point in our lives, and this is advantageous with the amount of work available in high season. From resorts to theme parks and food and drink, international workers are sought after for international customers, so you may be surprised by how many opportunities there really are.

For more help and information on the job market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Oz Start Up and get on your way to employment in Australia. Log on to for more information.