Heron Island In Pictures

heron island shipwreck

A stay on Heron Island off the Queensland coast is without a doubt one of the most precious experiences in Australia. Sitting in the glorious waters of the Great Barrier Reef, home to an abundance of marine and wildlife, and a no-day-trippers rule mean that this beautiful coral cay is an unspoilt paradise. Don’t believe us? Tempt yourself with the pictures below, but be warned – you may just find yourself booking your stay on Heron Island…

Surrounded by coral reefs and blue ocean, Heron Island is only accessible by boat or seaplane.

view of heron island queensland

There are coral reefs just metres off the shore…

coral reef off of heron island

…which make for incredibly easy snorkelling.

snorkelling on heron island

But those with more experience can enjoy a deeper dive…

diving heron island

…where you may find yourself bumping into one of these guys.

turtle scuba diving heron island

Heron Island is one of the few places on Earth where you can watch turtles lay their eggs…

turtle watching heron island

…and then watch the babies come out of their shells…

heron island turtle hatching

…and make their dramatic dash into the ocean.

baby turtle heading for the ocean on heron island

Other activities include a ride in a semi-submarine, fishing, kayaking and sunset cruises…

champagne sunset heron island

…as well as being pampered in the Aqua Soul Spa…

spa on heron island

…or simply soaking up the surroundings of the resort.

heron island resort hotel rooms

All of this and more is available with a stay on Heron Island. Book yours now to relax, unwind and watch the turtles hatching from December to March.

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