Hiring a Campervan Car or a Combi Van in Darwin Australia

Hiring a Campervan Car or a Combi Van in Darwin Australia

A campervan is a self-propelled vehicle that provides both transport and sleeping accommodation while a combi van also can be used for travelling and accommodation but is less comfortable.

There are many companies in Darwin which hire camper van cars and combi vans and a vehicle can be selected according to the budget and requirements. 

Factors to consider when hiring a camper van car or a combi van are:

Type of vehicle the better, bigger and newer the vehicle is, the more expensive it is. 

Season: Rental companies adjust their prices according to the seasons. In Darwin prices are higher during the peak season and school holidays and long weekends too.

Renting period: The longer you rent the daily rate gets cheaper. 

Availability of vehicles: If there are only a few left, prices increase. During certain times of the year it is very difficult to find a vehicle. 

Book in advance: In most instances it is cheaper to book in advance. It is generally recommended (especially during peak season) to book at least 3 months in advance (ideally 5 to 6 months). 

Type of insurance: It is important to book your vehicle with a full cover insurance and prices vary depending on the rental company, type of vehicle and duration of rental. 

Equipment: If more extra equipment is booked it will get expensive. 

Routes: Some routes are very popular in Australia while some are not. So sometimes companies offer special rates to travelers to get their vehicles to the destination they need. For example to get the vehicles back to Darwin from a particular location the company will offer a special rate to the traveler from that location to Darwin.

One way charge: You often have to pay a fee if you don’t return the vehicle in the same city (one way charge).

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