Travels and Tours Australia

Travels and Tours Australia

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Kayak to Me-Mel, (Goat Island) – at the Heart of Sydney Harbour

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Travels and Tours Australia!!!

Explore the best of Australia with our travels and tours.

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Sydney is not only home to the Blue Mountains, Botanical Gardens and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To really relish what it has to offer, you need to be captivated by hippies in Byron Bay, experience one of the biggest festivals in Australia and watch the sunset in the many rooftop bars the city boasts.

When traveling in Melbourne, experience the best club nights, street festivals and gigs. Or go nuts as the Aussies do with a game of ‘footy’.

Find out more about the perfectly laid-back city of Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Darwin, where non-Aboriginal meets Aboriginal, and party at some legendary boozers in Adelaide.

Discover the best of Perth, Tasmania, the magic of the outback, rainforests, beaches and Aboriginal culture.

We can help you plan your time efficiently, so you get the best possible experience whilst visiting this varied and adventure-laden country.

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There has never been a better time to travel to Australia. Explore Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, The Whitsundays, Byron Bay, Uluru, The Great Ocean Road, Broome, Darwin and Cairns for a start. One of the best things about Australia Travel is that you’ll have such easy access to the Asia Pacific region where you can easily skip over to New Zealand, Fiji or South East Asia. Australia’s close proximity to these Asia Pacific countries means fares are cheap and the travel time short. If you are flying to New Zealand from Australia and plan on driving to the airport, then be sure to check out Flyparks. Flyparks provides excellent deals on airport parking throughout Australia. To find the best deals on Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or even Melbourne Airport Parking, then check out their site.

The first thing to keep in mind when planning to travel throughout this region is the size of Australia. If you plan to travel to Australia in its entirety, give yourself plenty of time! For those of you on one-year working holiday visas, make the most of an abundance of jobs in Australia – both in the cities and regionally. If you are prepared to work for 3 months in a regional area, your visa can be extended for another year.

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