How to get a Backpacker Trade Job in Melbourne

How to get a Backpacker Trade Job in Melbourne

As you journey through one of the most liveable cities in the world, you can do a trade job on a temporary basis for earning some money so that you can get the best from your journey.  Here are some of the best backpacker trade jobs available in Melbourne for you;

Best trade Jobs for Backpackers 

Carpenter and Cabinet Maker Jobs

Events 720, a large exhibition service provider which designs and builds large custom made exhibition trade show stands, is gearing up for a busy work season from August to October.   Carpenters and cabinet makers who are willing to work in Melbourne stand a very good chance of being hired to work on short term contract.  Panel saw, trimming and finishing timber, assembling walls, painting and basic cabinet making are some of the jobs involved.

Temporary Administration Jobs

Previous experience and skills in administration or just great communication and organizational skills can get a backpacker a temporary administration job.  Receptionist, Administration Assistant jobs involving data-entry, filing and general office work are relatively easy to get.  This job allows you to work on short-term contracts and get a healthier bank balance.

Painter Jobs

Melbourne offers plenty of painter jobs in its booming construction industry.  The base rate for painting and general labouring duties is AUS $ 26.53 per hour.  The best thing about this kind of work is that you can get your second year of working holiday visa if you meet certain requirements.

Backpacker Essentials for Succeeding in the Trade Job Market

Working Holiday Visa

Make sure you are eligible to work in Australia.  Prior to entering the country, you must apply and get a Working Holiday Visa or Work Holiday Visa in order to work while you are on your vacation. 

Travel and Health Insurance

When you are on a Working Holiday Visa, you should hold travel insurance and medical insurance.  The Australian government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy, Ireland and New Zealand that entitles you to limited subsidised health services for immediately necessary treatment while visiting Australia.

Bank Account

When arriving in Australia, open up an Australian Bank account with one of the biggest banks such as ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB, Westpac etc.

Tax File Number

When you start work or change jobs you will be asked for a Tax File Number that allows you to work and pay taxes.  You will need your passport and an Australian postal address to receive this.

Tax Return

When you are on a Working Holiday Visa, you can apply on-line for a tax return.

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