Backpacker Jobs Farm job Hospitality jobs Melbourne

Backpacker Jobs Farm job Hospitality jobs Melbourne

Experiencing Australia on a working holiday visa gives you the perfect prologue to living in this absolutely fascinating country. From the general culture to the myriad of opportunities available, this city is ideal if you are testing waters to ascertain where best you should settle. For backpackers in particular Melbourne is perfect for there is an array of trade jobs that could be tried out.

Fruit Picking and Packing

This is more or less a seasonal job but it is very popular among backpackers and the main reason for this is the fact that all you need is a reasonable level of fitness to do this. It is also very easy to get into and it is entertaining even. To top this you are bound to make plenty of friends in the process. It is not as tiring as many other jobs and you are guaranteed to have a fun time doing it.


Now this can seem like hard work on the face of it but if you are one person who enjoys the ocean you may actually have a fun time in your diving experience. Now the biggest highlight of this job is witnessing the wonders of the marine world for it is astounding, but if you are not well versed with the sport it can be tough.


There are a couple of entry level hospitality jobs available for back packers and this includes bar work, kitchen hand, waiting tables and dish washing. Hospitality work can also couple up with tourism and if you like working in resorts and hotels there are a couple of options available.


This is yet again a popular backpacker job as a lot of carpenters are steadily on the lookout for assistance in this profession. You will also get the added benefit of learning the art of the work and mastering your skill at carpentry

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