Moving to Australia from the UK

Moving to Australia from the UK

In the last century particularly since the 1950’s many British people have made Australia home. Australia continues to be a major destination for British people, the weather the vast spaces and the opportunities are many.
Located near major world market Australia with its minerals, vast lands and skilled population can only go one way and that is to become even more prosperous then it is today.

Skills based system

Today it is much harder for Brits or anyone else to migrate to Australia, the key is to have a skill that Australia requires and the doors open. It is possible to migrate if you pass a skills assessment, for this you have to have experience and qualification in your chosen field.
SkillsSelect is an online System which is there to help manage Australia’s skill program. The government want new migrants that have skills that Australia needs. Skills select helps the government manage its migrant intake.
The skills requirement varies from state to state, requirements may also vary depending on regional requirement within a State or territory.

Moving to Australia from the UK – How long does it take?

It can take up to a year to get all the process completed.

  • Collect and prepare document including your qualification
  • Have proof of work experience
  • Certificate like Birth, Marriage and divorce if applicable.
  • Health check
  • Police clearance

Fulfilling these requirements take time so it’s not a process you can hurry along.

Moving to Australia from the UK – How will you adapt to Australia?

The biggest plus is that Australia is an English speaking country, so nothing new to learn if you are from the UK. Many Australians have UK ancestor so the cultural shift is minor.


Most of the population lives in the South of the sub-continent. Climate in the south is mild all year round, winters are comfortable with the exception of a few highland area there is no snow. Summers are warm and there are some beautiful beaches to spend those lazy hazy summer days.

What are Modern Australians like?

Australian is a multi-cultural country, people have migrated to Australia from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, there is freedom of religion and Australian are tolerant toward each other’s customs and culture.


Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia however Sydney also has a very vibrant entertainment industry. Anything that is a success in London will go to Australia for sure. You will not miss out whether you like The King and I or Ed Sheeran.
The food in Australia is excellent with many restaurant offering international cuisine, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, English, Middle Eastern or Greek restaurants are everywhere.

The law and finance

Australia is federal, so not all tax and social law are the same. Some states have very conservative law and some like New South Wales are very progressive.
If you want to buy a house check out house prices before you choose a state. Sydney is expensive as is Melbourne, Brisbane is a little cheaper. Perth and Adelaide offer more affordable housing.
To borrow from an Australian bank you need to be able to show three years of Australian tax returns.
If you have over 40% of the deposit to buy a house then things are a little easier, it is worth talking to your bank and also to an Australian mortgage broker.

Australian Education

University education is second to none and many foreign students come to Australia for their graduate education.
At the secondary level Australia has state schools as well as private schools. The standards vary so it’s worth checking the school register to see where a school stands in its ranking compared to other schools in the area you want to live.
Australia also has good primary school and preschool facilities. But it is not always possible for temporary work visa holders to get free education so be warned.

Health Care in Australia is exceptional.

Health care for Australian is free, however private health care is not expensive and encouraged by the government. The waiting times for treatment are shorter than in most European countries and the equipment in hospitals is state of the art.
Note: Health care in not available for free if you are on a temporary work visa you will need to have private insurance.

Are you eligible for an Australia visa?

Have you taken a our free Australian Visa assessment online? If you are considering moving to Australia as a skilled migrant but feel uncertain of your validity, use our free Australian visa assessment today and your online assessment will be sent straight to one of our Australian Migration Agents in the UK who will review your eligibility. All our Australian Migration Agents are MARA approved and registered meaning you’re in good trustworthy hands from day one. Please note that we do get a number of applications daily so please do bare with us if you don’t get a reply straight away. We may give priority to applicants who we believe will be a successful with their visa application so please keep an eye on your emails for an email from our team.