How To Survive The Move To Australia

getting started in australia with ozintro

What to do in your first week in Australia

Deciding to move halfway across the world can be pretty daunting, whether you’re at the beginning of a working holiday, or making a permanent move to Australia.

You may be worried about making friends, getting a job, a place to live, but don’t fear as OzIntro are on hand to make your move down under all that bit easier.

They’ll be by your side for your first week in Australia, arranging a whole host of cool activities from learning to surf, touring Sydney harbour and, of course, taking you to the best pubs and clubs the city has to offer.

getting started in australia with ozintro

Spending a gap year in Australia isn’t just about lying on the beach by day and partying by night, (well – most of it is) but if you’re here for a year you’re probably going to need a job of some description to support yourself for further travels across this incredible country. Starting a new life abroad can be a daunting experience, but OzIntro are here to hold your hand, arranging all the boring paperwork, so you’re set from day one.

Sound too good to be true? Here are five reasons why booking onto an OzIntro tour should be a part of your itinerary when heading to Australia:

Personal Admin

Everyone hates admin, but with OzIntro they’ll sort you out with a bank account, tax file number and medicare card set up, perfect for those who want to start earning straight away.

You Need To Instagram That Shiz

You’ll get a FREE Aussie Sim card! Even easier and quicker to make your mates at home jealous with your incredible Facebook and Instagram posts.

jet boating in sydney harbour

You Need a Job in Australia

OzIntro provide access to the OzIntro job network – a searchable database with a variety of jobs on offer. You will also have unlimited help with finding a job, so don’t think they’re gone after your first week of fun.

Learn The Ropes

With OzIntro you’ll get a bunch of freebies during your first week, including seven nights accommodation, airport pick up and transfer, and a bunch of free drinks and food.

You’ll Make Friends

With a week of amazing experiences when you first arrive; such as pub crawls, surfing, a trip to the Blue mountains, jet boating on Sydney Harbour, BBQ’s on Bondi Beach as well as a whole host of other cool stuff, it will mean you’ll meet lots of other people in the same boat as you = friends for life!

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