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    Everything by Electricity, who have gained UK radio support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X and more, merge digitalised haziness over a beating mechanical heart of euphoric instrumentation. Their sound is littered with strains of alienation in the form of bittersweet synthesisers and whiteout lyricism stirred from lead-vocalist Yulia’s Siberian upbringing. In their live line-up the three-piece also features Daniel (bass guitar, synthesisers) and Manoela (drums, pads).

    Today we’ll be speaking with Yulia, who – as well as fronts – also writes the music for Everything by Electricity.

    Hey Yulia – welcome to BBM. What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

    Releasing new music is always exciting and we’ve just released our second single this year – ‘Place To Call My Own’ – so that’s the most exciting thing so far and there’s more to come!

    For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you best describe your sound?

    Synth-gazing pop layered with melodic synths and reverb guitars. Most of my songs are quite melancholic but there’s a bit of both, darkness and light in them. 

    How did the project Everything by Electricity materialise?

    I’ve been writing and recording on my own for quite some time and always had an idea of putting a band together and playing live. Initially it was just Manoela (drums, pads) and myself, trying to figure out the setup and how to play this material live. It’s also just us two on the record, she does the drums and I do everything else. Our friend Daniel helps us out with playing bass and synth live until a permanent member joins us very soon, so it’s all still fairly new.

    You initially wrote ‘Place To Call My Own’ in Siberia, how does everyday life there differ to somewhere like London?

    The major difference is in how people cope with the weather and deal with the snow. It only takes an inch of snow on the ground to create chaos in London and paralyse all transport when there’s absolutely nothing in Siberia that can stop people from doing what they do on a daily basis. I remember it often snowed heavily overnight to the point where you can’t even open your front door in the morning, smaller houses were completely buried in snow, so people would just grab up shovels and literally start digging their way out in the snow to get on with their day-to-day stuff. So as long as you have a shovel and a pair of skis you’re good. 

    Do you think your upbringing in Siberia influences your sound at all?

    Sound-wise not really, otherwise I’d probably be using traditional instruments like harmonicas, balalaikas and so on 😀 

    I started writing songs from an early age and I guess growing up in Siberia had influenced my songwriting which spans from escapism. 

    When was the last time you had a proper holiday and where did you go?

    Oh I haven’t had a proper holiday for too long as I usually spend all my time in London working on EbE’s stuff. But I had an amazing break in September last year in Balearic Islands, driving a motor boat and snorkelling around Menorca. I’m obsessed with motor boats so would go on a holiday anywhere where there’s a motor boat hire. 

    Who would be your dream collab?

    So many to name, but I would be a nightmare to collaborate with if I’m honest, as I’m such a control freak when it comes to making music. 

    Name a record you couldn’t live without?

    “Pet Grief” by a Swedish band called The Radio Dept., I absolutely adore everything they release and this record in particular has always been a soundtrack to my life; an all-time favourite of mine.

    Everything by Electricity – ‘Place To Call My Own’ OUT NOW



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