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  • INTERVIEW: Polychrome

    INTERVIEW: Polychrome

    East-London-based Polychrome, who channel the spirit of Cocteau Twins with the electronic ecstasy of M83, are made up of Oliver of The Bronze Medallists and Victoria of Victoria and Jacob. Victoria and Jacob have been championed by the likes of NME, Time Out, The Line of Best Fit, Uncut and DIY to name a few, and have also supported The Mystery Jets, Com Truise, Daughter, and Katy B. Oliver, frontman of indie electronica band Bronze Medallists (also solo performer/activist Olly the Octopus AKA ‘Boris Johnson’s Nemesis’ – City AM), has worked with the likes of Lucy Rose, Mt Wolf, L.A. Salami, and been supported by Radio 1, Radio X, Radio 2, and 6music to name a few.

    Hey Polychrome – welcome to BBM. What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

    Releasing our debut album and playing it live for the first ever time! It was the culmination of a lot of hard work and it’s exciting to see it go forth and hopefully multiply….

    For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you best describe your sound?

    Answering this question always reminds me of the characters in the Mighty Boosh wandering around the desert looking for ‘The New Sound’, an enigmatic undefinable ghost you can’t hold on to. I suppose we searched around our own desert (in the Scottish highlands) and we bleached out some analogue synths and added way more reverb than you should ever do and added some old drum machines. Sort of colliding dream-pop and synth-wave if compound-worded-genres are your thing…

    How did the project Polychrome materialise?

    I produced Victoria and Jacob’s debut album (Vicky’s previous band), and stole her from Jacob to start our own project together. 

    Only joking! Jacob and her still work together too and he has his own solo stuff under the name Yukka, which is great. He played at our album launch actually. 

    You wrote a lot of the album in Scotland, how does everyday life there differ to somewhere like London?

    Waaaaaaaaaaay more chilled, metaphorically and literally, and a lot less breathable particulate matter. 

    It rains a bit more too but it’s somehow nice rain that you don’t mind schlepping through. 

    It’s actually so beautiful there and so attractive to tourists it’d be even more crowded than London were it not for the midges keeping the human population under control.

    Do you think the Highlands influenced your sound at all?

    I think geography has a huge influence on creativity. Have you ever watched Skandi Noire?

    When was the last time you had a proper holiday and where did you go?

    Ooh, its been a while. I’m quite into surfing (yes in Scotland, yes I’m mad), so I try to go somewhere vaguely warm to do a bit of that when I have the chance. Like Portugal, or the Canaries.

    Who would be your dream collab?

    Our latest single ‘Dreaming About You’ was sort of about Ryan Gosling. If you’ve seen La La Land you’ll know he can really sing. That would certainly make Vicky’s day if we could record the follow up with him. ‘Dreaming About You 2’ – It works on so many levels… 

    Name a record you couldn’t live without?

    Heaven or Vegas – The Cocteau Twins

    Polychrome – ‘Polychrome’ Album OUT NOW



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