Kaiser Chiefs


WE only spoke to the Kaiser Chiefs a few months ago so we were wondering what we should talk about this time when the answer hit us – crap football again.
Kaisers drummer and songwriter NICK HODGSON talks to RICHARD GADSBY about the highs of touring, the mediocrity of the music scene and supporting clubs through tough times.kaiser-chiefs_000582_mainpi

RG: How’s the tour going?
NH: Brilliant! It’s the best European tour we’ve ever done. It’s been perfect so far, all the crowds have been fantastic.

Isn’t it quite late over there?
Yeah, I’ve literally just come off stage. We’re in Lyon.

And aren’t you in Barcelona tomorrow night? Mum question: are you getting enough sleep?
Loads! We stay up until 2am, 3am then get up about 10 hours later. It’s great, we’re so used to it now. We’re a well-oiled machine.

And you’re heading to Australia as well. I’m telling you, you’ll be knackered with all this work.
Playing in Australia isn’t like working. It really isn’t.
The way I look at it is, it’s very demanding but it’s such a fantastic thing to do, why would we moan? We love it.

Fair enough. Where’s the best place you’ve played in Europe so far?
Perhaps I should’ve said ‘best place on the continent’…kaiserchiefs2
Probably here actually (Lyon). We’ve played here before and it was really good then. When you play the capitals, they’re not quite as into it because you’re just another band passing through – but when you play places like this, big cities that don’t always get big bands, they really make the most of it.

Anywhere you’ve not been to yet that you’d like to go?
China. That’s the last big one we haven’t done. We’ve done all the others – Africa, America, Japan, Singapore, all of them – but for some reason we’ve never done China and we haven’t got any plans to do it either. We’ll have to do something about that.

Any other bands catching your attention right now?
Nothing’s really grabbing me at the minute. I’ve heard it all before. I’ve been listening to the new Franz Ferdinand album, that’s really good. Actually, I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music.

Is that going to be your new direction then? Classical?
It’s definitely NOT going to be our new direction!

What about Empire of the Sun? They’re an Aussie band who seem to be being tipped big for 2009 (although it’s a phone interview, we can almost hear Nick screw up his face in disgust).
It doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve heard all that before, you know? Have you seen the video to that song? It’s absolutely ridiculous. God knows how much they spent on it. Absolutely ridiculous.

Here’s the big question – are Leeds going to get promoted this year?
Well I don’t want to speak too soon – so I’m not going to. I’ve got a good feeling though. Where are you from?

Do you support them?kaiserchiefs

No, I’m a Grimsby fan. Long story.
Grimsby? What division are Grimsby in?

Erm…they’re third bottom of League Two.
No that’s good man. I hate it when people support the big clubs just because they win everything. Actually (at this point Nick inexplicably jumps back to his original point about ‘speaking too soon’) if there’s one thing you need to get your head round, it’s that superstition is a load of rubbish. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s not going to effect the team.

That’s where we differ see. If I don’t wear my lucky match chain, the Mariners never win.
The Mariners! That’s Grimsby! It’s all coming back now. I managed them once on Football Manager, you’ve played it right? I love it. It came back when you said Mariners cuz they always call them by their nickname. That was a tough game. They only had one decent player.

Sounds about right.