Interview: The Be Positives release self-titled debut

THE BE POSITIVES is a northern conundrum. Consisting of Mike Seal (Guitar, Piano & Vocals), Rob Hatton (Bass & Vocals), Simon Mayne (Lead Guitar & Vocals) and Callum Darley (Drums & Vocals), they were splayed across Merseyside to Sheffield, all sharing an affinity for McCartney, Dylan, Kinks and Nick Lowe,and later, converging on Manchester, they hankered for gigging at grotty pubs across the city. Now united, the four-piece invoke mad-pop affirmation through berserk instrumentation laced with smart lyricism.  

Today, the quartet release their self-titled debut album, and they spoke to us over email about some of their inspirations and the track’s they wish they’d written themselves.

Hey guys, welcome to BBM. How’s it going?

It’s going positively positive thanks!

Tell us about your new single ‘Like Everyone’, what was the inspiration behind it?

‘Like Everyone’ was handed to us on a plate. Written in Mike and Callum’s kitchen; the chords and melody just fell out of the guitar, and so did the words to the chorus. We just filled in the blanks when we were recording it. If only they all happened like that.

What’s your songwriting process like? Does it differ track-by-track?

Mike usually brings an idea to the table and the rest of us arrange it as we go along. Words usually come last, so there’s always a middle period of placeholder nonsense lyrics, which can be amusing and hard to shake off. 
Sometimes a song can come out of a jam. It’s great when it happens this way because the song could have only happened with us four individuals. It’s more organic. 

Your self-titled album is set for release on September 3rd, what can we expect?

People that have seen us play and heard it say it’s very varied. There’s a few bangers, a few ballads, a bit of country, a bit of rock n’ roll, but’s it’s ultimately a pop album. We like the idea that an album can flow, but not keep to one style. 

For those who haven’t listened, can you describe your sound in three words?

Rough, Smooth, Varied. 

Each of you, who would be your dream collaboration?

Mike – Nick Lowe
Callum – Greg Cartwright
Rob – Paul McCartney
Simon – David Bowie

What was the last holiday you went on, together or individually?

Mike and Callum just got back from Bulgaria where their friend was getting married. They drank copious amounts of rakia and had a lovely time. 
Hopefully we’ll be booking our first big tour/holiday/adventure for mid 2020. Watch this space!

One track you wish you wrote?

Mike wishes he wrote ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ by Paul McCartney. It’s the perfect pop song in composition and performance. It was also hearing this at theend of The Simpsons that made him want to play music.

What’s next for you guys?

We’re just finishing up a few gigs across the north of England, and then we’ve got a few gigs coming up in the winter where we’ll be flogging the new record, but mostly writing. We’ve got about 10 songs at various stages of completion, and we want about five more. We always record with our good pal Phil Booth who runs a studio in Nottingham called JT Soar. This January we’ve booked a mill in wales and we’re spending a week recording with him there. Should be a blast!

Stream the band’s full-length below.