Jungle Surfing Tour Review

jungle surfing tour review

BBM Live’s Jean-Gabriel Laine take to the treetops of the Daintree to find out just how fun Jungle Surfing really is.

Western Australia

We liked:

  • Super friendly staff
  • Very Safe activity
  • Unique views  of the Daintree

jungle surfing review

Jungle Surfing Review

The trip started at the Jungle Surfing lodge where everyone gets to meet and fill out the necessary paperwork required for surfing through a rainforest canopy.

From there, you are picked up by one of the crew members, who then drives you for around 10 minutes to the top of the hill, where you’ll be kitted out in your equipment.

Upon reaching the top of the hill you’re warmly welcomed by the crew who fit you with your harness, and helmet then you’re all set to surf through the jungle!

After a short walk, you get at the start of the tree lines, where you’ll be hooked up one by one (or two at a time) on the tree lines.

The first line is actually a fun experience, and since they have no power up there, they have a human size hamster wheel, and each person or a couple of people take it in turn to spin the wheel whilst another group get hooked to the line and slowly pushed to the first platform – making for quite a surreal moment!

From there, the crew takes you through a bit of an introduction on the amazing trees surrounding you, and you get a good view of the surrounding of the Daintree.

Daintree day tours

Through each passage and tree line, you can actually turn and observe the scenery, or spin your head down if you want to see how high you’re dangling up in the air! it’s a relaxed pace between the tree lines, until you reach the second last line..that one goes fast!

You can actually let yourself go backwards, and “free-slide” between you and the 26 metres below! The last line is the racing line where two people can race each other all the way to the bottom of the trees.

From there, the crew takes you back to the base so you can remove all your equipment, and head back to camp after a short drive.

This tour was long enough that you can get a good view of the trees, but short enough so you can head back to other activities (2h). Definitely a must-see if you are in the area!

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Images and words by Jean-Gabriel Laine


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