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Interview- Megan Washington (Pic)

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She’s released a jazz album, appeared on Rockwiz and played keyboard for Ben Lee and Old Man River. Now MEGAN WASHINGTON is making waves on her own with her album, ‘I Believe You, Liar’, and ALEX VUCELICH caught up with her to discuss her upcoming tour dates – including Parklife.

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BBM: Now we’d hate to throw you under the bus right from the get go, but we have it on good authority and from a source close to you (Mat McHugh) that all you do is sleep in the tour van and never offer to drive. Would you care to rebuff these slanderous claims?

MW: I would drive, and be happy to, if Mat would quit being a megalomaniac control freak and get out from behind the wheel.


BBM: On that note, What are the best and worst parts of touring with Mr. McHugh and The Beautiful Girls?

MW: The best part is when I’m asleep in the tour van… And the fact that Mat is an aficionado and expert on all things pertaining to Lara Bingle, w
hich is at once entertaining, terrifying and enlightening.


The worst part is all the waiting around. But now I have the new ‘Hungry Shark’ app upgrade I’m okay for a while.


BBM: This isn’t your first musical rodeo, do you mind sharing what the worst gig you ever played was?

MW: Worst gig… Well, before I started doing my own stuff I used to sing jazz in a tiny bar of a casino on the Gold Coast for 5 hours straight every Sunday. There were Keno screens on either side of the stage and the bar was full of depressed gamblers. I did that gig for 2 years straight.


BBM: Since we’re reliving dark moments from our past, your music video for “Rich Kids” is one of the funniest send ups we’ve ever seen of all those awkward teenage parties we used to go to. We were wondering if the inspiration for that was drawn from past memories or did you just do a wonderful job of making fun of us?

MW: Youth and puberty and adjusting to age are common themes in my writing, or subconscious, or whatever. I went to my fair share of Blue Light discos at the local PCYC when I was a kid, so there was certainly an historical element to that clip. I also really wanted to wear a Lycra Zombie Zoot Suit at least once in my life, so at least I can check that off the list now.


BBM: Could you please tell us a little bit about where the concept for “Rich Kids” came from and why you don’t want to dance with them?

MW: That song is so weird. When I wrote it I was listening a lot to Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, and I was really into a song called ‘Crowd Surf Off A Cliff’. ‘Rich Kids’ was originally written in that style, a kind of melancholic piano introspective sadsack ballad. The chorus was meant to be kind of ironic, you know, because I did want to dance, but nobody asked me. My producer and dear friend John Castle had other plans for it, he heard it as a dancehall graveyard shuffle, so now the chorus sounds inimical and venomous.


BBM: We also loved the choreography in that clip. Did you ever imagine when you were studying jazz at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music that one day you’d be putting Pat Benatar to shame with your moves?

MW: Oddly, the dance element is very familiar to me, because I danced a lot as a kid and through highschool; ballet and tap were my favorites. I wanted to be in musicals, like Caroline O’Connor. The first record I ever bought was the Australian cast recording of ‘Hot Shoe Shuffle’. I stopped dancing when I started uni but I really missed it, so now I try to weave theatre and goofing into the clips when I can.


BBM: You’ve been doing this for a couple years now and you’re not very old, what is one 9 to 5 job that wouldn’t make you slit your wrists if you had to do something outside of the music industry?

MW: I am a terrific liar, so I would have been a good scam artist. Or perhaps a career in espionage.


BBM: If we were to hit play on your IPod right now, what would come up?

MW: Right now: the new album from The Boat People, ‘Dear Darkly’. Loving it. Loving them. Also, I got my mitts on some new demos from Yves Klein Blue that are dynamite.


BBM: We saw the video you posted on Youtube of your cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and in the blurb below it you said, “One cover down. Thirty-two to go.” Who else do you have in mind?

MW: God knows. I like that song that won Eurovision?


BBM: We’ve got to play the desert island game. You’re going to be stranded on a desert island, we’re sorry we don’t know why this is such a sad game, and you can take the greatest hits of either Hank Williams or Buddy Holly, who’s it going to be?

MW: I think right now I’d pick Buddy Holly but I expect I would regret my decision


: You’re playing Parklife in September and October, who are you looking forward to seeing?

MW: Missy Elliot. Come on!



27 August

Fly By Night, Fremantle VIC


28 August

Jive Bar, Adelaide SA


2 September

The Zoo, Brisbane QLD


3 September

Joes Waterhole, Eumundi, QLD


9 September

Grand Hotel, Wollongong NSW


10 September

Manning Bar, Sydney NSW


11 September

Hunter Valley Brewery. Newcastle NSW


16 September

Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC


18 September

Northcote Town Hall, Northcote VIC


18 September

National Hotel Geelong VIC


24 September

The Corner, Richmond VIC


25 September

Parklife – Gold Coast


26 September

Parklife – Perth


2 October

Parklife – Melbourne


3 October

Parklife – Sydney


4 October

Parklife – Adelaide

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