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    Melbourne Going Out Guide

    Your ultimate Melbourne going out guide is here! There has never been a better time to visit Melbourne than right now. Known as the culture hotspot of Australia, the locals embrace having a good night out, and it might just be one of the only Oz cities which truly can call itself a 24-hour city for entertainment. The city is divided into various areas with each precinct acting as a self-contained hub of bars, clubs and food.

    Going out in Melbourne CBD

    New Guernica

    Traveler’s are advised to traverse every nook and cranny of the Melbourne CDB as it is filled with many gems. There are way to many CBD watering holes to mention here so we will focus on a couple to get you started. if you are looking for dance music the best place to start would be New Guernica. With it’s very quirky interior design, it features two rooms with the side room modelled on a kitchen. Open every night from Thursday to Saturday, you can reliably find international DJs and locals playing anything from disco to techno. And if you are hungry they also have a dedicated downstairs area called Chuckle Park.

    Brown Alley

    In King Street you can find all sorts of adult entertainment alongside musical pleasures. The main player here is Brown Alley, a 3-level behemoth which can hold over a 1000 punters when it’s cranking. You can find anything from Indie nights to drum n bass to techno nights to live bands. Check their site for listings. Just one block down is Inflation Bar, home of Cloud Nine. Responsible for the creation of the Melbourne Bounce sound, they have been packing out the club every Saturday night since their inception. The music might not be up your alley, but this is well worth checking out if you are looking for… um… a different experience.

    Madame Brussels

    For a couple of quiet drinks check out Madame Brussels on Bourke Street, a rooftop bar which fashions itself on the 1920’s bourgeoisie and features fake grass and waiters dressed in skimpy tennis outfits. We recommend the jug of Pimms or a jug (yup) of expresso martini.

    The Croft Institute

    Finding The Croft Institute is half the challenge but definitely worth it. Tucked away through a maze of alley ways, the Croft retained the feel and aesthetics of it’s old science facility roots – with a drinks menu that could have been made by scientist (drinks in syringes anyone?)

    Section 8

    Section 8 is an open-air bar made out of shipping containers and wooden pallets for seating. A musical selection of funk, soul, hip-hop, house and everything else, you are advised to head in early as the queues can be long.

    Cherry Bar

    If you like rock music then you have to go to Cherry Bar. Located in AC/DC Lane (no, really), the intimate bar plays live music and is usually the venue of choice for touring musicians looking to party on after their show.

    Going out in Prahran


    The Chapel Street precinct in Prahran is a bit more glitz and glamour than the CBD, with numerous bars and clubs lining it’s street. The most infamous would be Revolver. It only closed for 3 hours from Friday night to Monday morning making this is a place to get lost in. The infamous ‘cage’ has hosted everyone from Dixon to Nina Kraviz and is also the spot international DJ’s go play if they still feel the urge to play after their show.


    Onesixone in High Street is more ritzy than Revolver, but nonetheless fun. It’s also the home of Melbourne’s only Monday to Tuesday morning party, ‘The Breakfast Club’. It’s the home of those who can’t go home just yet.

    Going out in Fitzroy

    Glamorama and Tramp Bar

    The Fitzroy area is home of the hipsters and can be split into two sections: Brunswick Street and Smith Street. Brunswick street has become way more gentrified over the years and feature a large selection of bars. Glamorama with it’s crisp Funktion-One sound system is the street’s only dedicated dance music club, while Tramp Bar with it’s airplane cockpit DJ booth features a younger and up-for-it crowd. Naked for Satan’s walls are adorned with old-school pornography pictures and also sells 2 dollar finger food. Head upstairs to their rooftop for some great city views.

    Yay-Yah’s and Grumpy’s

    Smith Street are only a couple of blocks down and is on it’s way to becoming more trendy, but currently it still holds some of it’s urban, grungy appeal. Lining Smith Street is a multitude of restaurants and themed pop-up bars which is all worth exploring. Yay-Yah’s with its anything goes music policy is great for a night out, while a couple of shops next to it is Grumpy’s, a smaller bar which feature a dance floor and a outside beer garden. Expect more beats-based DJs and the odd Reggae night.

    Happy exploring!

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