Moving to Australia – Do’s and Don’ts !


So you’ve decided to escape from the land of rain, tea and scones and Big Ben for a life down under – who wouldn’t!? In theory, moving to Australia may seem easy. Simply pack your bags and go! In reality, there’s a lot to think about – from finding a job to shipping your belongings, we’ve got you covered with our top list of do’s and don’ts.


Moving to Australia – Do’s

Be prepared for the heat. If you’re moving to Australia you know it’s going to be hot – but be prepared for just how hot! With temperatures up to 35 degrees, the climate is definitely something you’ll need to acclimatise to.


Find a way to ship your belongings. Make sure to clean everything before its packed as all items will be inspected upon arrival and any in contact with food, soil, plants or animals may not be allowed in. It’s also helpful to label and list everything you pack so you know exactly where it is when you arrive. Finally, find a reliable shipping company to bring your stuff across.


Aim to find a job before you go. If you have the security of having a job when you arrive, pretty much everything else will fall into place. Scour recruitment sites and apply for as many jobs as possible.


Learn the lingo! Aussies have some awesome abbreviations (arvo = afternoon, goon = cheap boxed wine). Learn the slang and you’ll fit right in.



Moving to Australia – Don’ts !

Attempt to fly without the proper Visa. If you go with just a working holiday visa you’ll only be able to stay to live and work for a year, not ideal if you aim is to emigrate. Instead, you’ll need to make sure you have a specific working or skilled visa applicable to your employment. Without a visa, you won’t even make it past the airport.  


Forget about your first few nights. If your new place isn’t ready to move into as soon as you arrive, you’ll want to make sure you have somewhere to rest your head as soon as you touch down. For the cheapest options try hostels or Airbnb.


Forget to tell your bank you’re going. Otherwise you may have a case of being stuck in a new country with cancelled cards – not fun!



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