Day Trip From Sydney Caves

Day trip from Sydney caves

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Discover Day Trip From Sydney Caves!

Diamond Cave at Jenolan

If you are in Sydney, the Imperial Diamond Cave is must visit to experience the diversity and beauty of their many pristine caves. This 2-hour tour is absolutely stunning as you wind your way through the cave and walk down the 69 steps to the underground river. The different crystals there is also an incredible experience.

The site is situated in a remote, calm, and stunning valley with a beautiful river running between the main rock arches. There are plenty of caves and several nature-walks to suit all ages. Once you arrive at the caves, you get to enjoy a guided tour of the stunning Lucas Cave system with its numerous spacious caverns and towering stalagmite and stalactite formations, you will get to experience something that you have never witnessed before. The Jenolan Caves are a must visit for both tourists and locals.

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Lucas Cave

This remarkable cave includes the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan. It was one of the first few caves to be discovered at Jenolan. It is also one of the most popular and most visited caves. The Lucas cave is famous for its calcite crystal formations, such as the Broken Column. The highest chamber reach 54 meters, which is known as the Cathedral and, with its incredible acoustic capabilities, has provided the setting for many underground concerts.

Visitors walk several flights of stairs to gain access to the Lucas cave. The cave has more than 900 steps which is challenging but worth the effort. Once inside the cave, there are many rest stops where you can enjoy its incredible sights. There are a number of different tours available to cater to different fitness levels.

Jenolan Caves

At Jenolan caves you get to take a guided tour through one of the oldest open cave system in the world, stretching underground for more than 40 kilometers. Experience the dramatic lighting in this profound world of underground rivers and limestone stalactite sculptures, and visit Jenolan’s largest cave.