Guide to Campervan Van Holidays in Sydney Australia

Guide to Campervan Van Holidays in Sydney Australia

Australia is a vast country and you could be easily wheeling around thousands of miles.  So why not gratify the free spirit in you by hiring a campervan, and explore as much or as little as you want in every mile? Get a fair estimate of your road trip cost by considering factors such as fuel, accommodation, food, travel and tour passes. Wave goodbye to the monotonous bus route and say hello to the fantastic feeling of the idyllic miles racing by you!

Campervan Rental Companies

There are many companies to hire campervans from such as Maui, Britz, Apollo and Cruisin.  Apollo, Cruisin, Travellers Autobarn are some that are close to the Sydney Airport.

Cost of Campervan Rent

The rent of the campervan depends on the capacity as well as the amenities you require such as gas cooker and refrigerator.  Different types of campervans that sleep from 2 – 6 range from AUS $ 348 to AUS $ 1255 per day. Station wagons start from AUS $ 35.  You can rent a campervan for lower rent during the low season. Rentals can be paid through cash, bank cheques, travellers’ cheques or credit card.  

Campervan Driving license

Hiring a campervan in Australia requires the person hiring the vehicle to be 21 – 75 years of age as well as hold a valid and current driver’s license. Interstate, overseas or international driver’s licenses are acceptable if they are in the English language.  It is not required for you to hold any special license to drive a campervan.

Passenger Capacity

As seat belts are mandatory in Australia, the number of passengers would depend on the number of seat belts in the vehicle.  Child seats can be fitted in certain models of campervans.

Camping Sites

There are many camping sites around Sydney.  They offer a variety of camping options such as powered or non-powered, grassy or tent pads campsites.  Cost of camping sites can start from a minimum cost for two adults per night and can increase according to the number of additional adults or children.

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