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How to eat on the cheap in Sydney

In a perfect setting on would spend every evening dining out sampling Sydney’s fine cuisine at some its most indulgent eateries. While dining out can be expensive, fortunately in Sydney there are plenty of eateries that won’t burn a hole in your wallet and can be savoured on a shoestring budget. In our cheap eats in Sydney Guide you will discover our picks of the best affordable eateries in Sydney and which ones to explore first.
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Ho Jiak Haymarket

92 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Ho Jiak Haymarket down Hay Street is a popular grill house that on first glance will appear like a street stall set out on a lane way. Its false windows and doors carefully positioned along the wall will have you convinced that you’ve been transported to a night market in Penang. No sooner does one set foot down the street, do the wafting smells of dishes laced with soy sauce and chilli garlic get your hunger pangs flowing. A highlight of this street is the char koay teow dish that restaurant chefs prepare to absolute perfection. Make sure to order a side of grilled giant king prawns along with some egg, green onion, charred rice noodles and decadent Chinese sauces.

Banh Xeo Bar

11/61-71 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia
Offering inventive takes on classic Vietnamese dishes, Banh Xeo Bar, situated in the south of Sydney is another eatery not to be overlooked. Set right in the heart of the city this little gem of a lunch spot has grown in popularity and is recommended that you keep room for the Banh Xeo. The other dish that you dare not leave without trying is their Beef noodle soup. It’s a relative of the famous pho dish. The rich broth cooked with beef bones served up with tender chunks of beef and slender strands of rice noodle make this the perfect comfort food. For an extra $ 3 add some pig’s head nuggets to call it a hearty meal.

El Jannah

4-6 South St Granville, 2141
If there’s one thing you will hear repeatedly about El Jannah in Sydney is its infamous gorgeous garlic sauce or aioli. Perhaps more than the barbecued chicken it is the garlic dressing that is the real stuff of legend. El Jannah serves up a filling and flavourful meal for around $ 6.9 comprising of a charcoal chicken dish served with Lebanese flatbread, garlic dressing and pickles. Guests can choose from either a quarter, whole or even a half piece of chicken. A plus point at dining at El Jannah is that vegetarians won’t be left staring at the ceiling. They’ve got freshly prepared falafels – crunchy chickpea goodness to satisfy even a hardcore meat eater.