Take a Night Climb up Sydney Harbour Bridge With Bridgeclimb

There’s a lot of things you could do in a night: you could have an unforgettable evening out with your mates; you could binge watch an entire Netflix series; or you could simply get some shut-eye. However, one thing you’ve probably never thought of doing is climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here’s why it should be top of your bucket list.

BridgeClimb Sydney gives you the opportunity to scale the 1332 steps, an exhilarating 134 metres above the harbour, of the world renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge to witness the sights below. As you begin your ascent up the four ladders to the bridge’s outer arch you’ll witness an incredible 360 degree panorama of Sydney; we think this is best witnessed during the nighttime, when you can gaze down unto the sparkling lights of the city below. Forget the standard daytime climb – it’s all about the thrill of the darkness.

If scaling the bridge in the darkness doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try the breathtaking experience of a twilight climb. Beginning as the day closes, this experience gives you the best of both worlds. Witness the mesmerising sunset over the harbour as the sun descends and gives way to a world of dazzling city lights. Whichever climb you do, don’t forget to strike a pose when you get to the summit – you’ll have a chance to purchase these when you get back down and show them off to your friends.

The climb takes around three hours in total, however, for those more anxious about the sheer height, there is the option to take a BridgeClimb sampler. Taking you just halfway to the top, this option takes just one and a half hours and is perfect for the concerned! Never fear whatever option you choose – you’ll be in safe hands with the experienced Climb leaders, and never in a group of more than fourteen. Before you go, pop into the Visitor Centre and Cinema for more information on the history and building of the incredible structure.

Whatever you do – don’t look down!

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