Sydney to Brisbane Bus Tour

Sydney to Brisbane Bus Tour

Sydney to Brisbane Bus Tour Overland

There are a lot of ways you can travel between Brisbane and Sydney. You can take a bus, train or drive with a distance of about 1000kms between these two locations. The bus option has its own good points, and the cost varies. Before you decide which option you want to take, consider what your travel plans and budget are and weigh up the pros and cons of each alternative.

Bus Tour Sydney to Brisbane

The bus ride from Brisbane to Sydney is a long one and will take at least 16.5 hours to Greyhound. Bussing is great if you want a direct transport option and you still want to see some sights on the way. A coastal drive from Sydney to Brisbane (or vice versa) is one of Australia’s most popular and sought-after road trips. This bus your itinerary is a famous 1000 km long journey along the Legendary Pacific Coast.

Scenic Bus Drive

The scenic bus drive takes you on an adventure through lush national parks, stunning beaches, rolling green hills in the hinterland, and small yet vibrant villages full of charisma and authentic Australian culture. Having experienced the legendary Sydney to Brisbane bus tour, we can honestly say that this is the perfect trip for a curious traveller looking for an outback experience.

There is so much to See Sydney to Brisbane Bus Tour

You can’t do much about the Sydney to Brisbane distance, but you can cut down the time it takes to see it all! Pick and choose the stops that interest you the most. Reduce the number of days you spend in each town Consider driving in the evenings or early mornings to avoid wasting the day on the road. After all, your Sydney to Brisbane road trip is not about the driving but the stops along the way!

Total distance from Sydney to Brisbane is 1295km. A Sydney to Brisbane bus tour with enough stopovers to give you a good overview of Australian life and culture will take about 14 days.

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