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Find permanent and contract teaching jobs in Australia with Smart Teachers. Australia is crying out for skilled teachers across the country. From primary school teachers to secondary school teachers, teaching in Australia could be an option for you. Find out if you qualify to teach in Australia and all the steps you’ll need to take to secure your work visa for Australia, and of course the school where you’ll be working.

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Have you had a taste of life in Australia on a working holiday, or have you recently qualified for a skilled migrant visa or spouse visa? Are looking to make a change in your life by emigrating to Australia?

For qualified teachers, swapping grey skies for sunny ones is just a stone’s throw away.

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7 reasons why you should choose find teaching jobs in Australia with Smart Teachers

Free Service Our service to teaching professionals is completely free Personal service Liaise with your very own dedicated consultant and administrator Simple registration Our application process is designed to satisfy both our registration requirements, and ensure best fit between you and our schools Bespoke Service Our personalised job alert process means you receive notices on positions that specifically match your job search criteria Our Network Keep informed of positions available within Australia’s top independent schools. Connect with jobs before they are advertised or that are not publicly advertised Flexibility With a wide range of roles available in independent schools across your local state and nationally, you set the parameters on where you’d like to work, and in what capacity Time Efficiency We will approach you with suitable positions, allowing you to focus on your current role. Moreover, your Smart Application only has to be created once and will help you stand out from a crowd Great incentives Get rewarded for referring other great teaching staff to Smart, and become part of our wider social network. Earn bonuses every time one of your referral starts a new job in one of our schools, at home or abroad

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Need to know information about Australian Visas for Teachers

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Those who can, teach, and if you want to live in Australia a shortage of teachers means that this is a great time to find teaching jobs in Australia. Right now pre-school, primary and secondary teachers are all included on the Skilled Occupations List also known as Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Short term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) so if you have the required training and qualifications you’re one step closing to emigrating to Australia as a teacher. 

What Visas Do Teachers Need in Australia?

As with any visa application, to come into Australia there are various conditions. For the teaching job itself you would need to meet all English language requirements, this may mean taking an IELTS test or equivalent English Language test. In order to work in the country you would need a valid visa, a typical Working Holiday Visa would suffice if you’re under 30, or you may be required to enter Australia as a skilled migrant or on a state sponsored visa. Academically speaking, you would need a university or college teaching qualification, such as an undergraduate professional degree or PGCE that is recognised by the Australian Government.

What qualifications do teachers need to work in Australia?

Getting into the specifics, you would need to include proof in your application that you are currently qualified and/or licensed to teach, which can be a letter from a teaching licensing or employment authority. Ensure that you locate copies of all your academic and teaching qualifications because they will be required for the application. Experience counts and you would be required to have completed at least six weeks, or the equivalent of 30 days, of supervised teaching practice and provide evidence.

How much experience do you need to teach in Australia?

While you may have the experience, you would need to have your teaching skills assessed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. This would require at least a year of tertiary level professional teaching studies related to your specific teaching occupation.

Which Australian States can you secure teaching jobs in Australia?

Once you have ticked off all those boxes you need to think about where in Australia you want to work. This is relatively important as different states have different opportunities. While there is a teacher shortage it is easier to find work in remote locations, specifically in the Northern Territory, as opposed to the more cosmopolitan destina
tions in New South Wales and Queensland. If you desperately wanted to live in a certain area you should consider becoming a casual teacher first. Your skills would also need to be recognised by the regulatory body in the state you intend to work in.

Is the Australian Education system different to the UK or Ireland?

In short, yes, the education system differs slightly. There are eight Key Learning Areas that are taught in all Australian schools which include: English, Mathematics, Studies of Society and the Environment, Science, Arts, Languages, Technology and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Specialist teachers also teach a varied range of subjects and around 90% of secondary schools offer additional, vocational education programmes.

If all that sounds feasible then consider the General Skilled Migration Programme and have your skills assessed by Teaching Australia. Before long you could be giving lessons then enjoying life down under.

We would recommend that before you start applying for work, you speak with a migration agent. Even if you’re able to secure a working holiday visa, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Some migration agents will also help you put together your paper work so that if you decide to stay in Australia, or apply for a Skilled Visa once you’re in Australia, you already have your paper work ready.

You can view a list of some recommended MARA approved migration agents on our Australian Migration Agent listing page here.

By Omar Soliman

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